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Gain cloud native business agility Building a digital foundation for flexibility, speed, and success
Date: 10/18/2019
Red Hat
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New technologies like cloud, 5G, and machine learning are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. Service providers are increasingly turning to open, cloud-native technologies to deliver new digital services, increase business agility, and optimize costs. NEPs can take advantage of these same technologies to build an adaptable, standardized foundation for their own business. With a consistent infrastructure, you can reduce infrastructure complexity, streamline operations and development, and improve security and scalability. Plus, you’ll gain the experience you need to create and deliver cloud-native offerings to your own customers in the future.

Join this webinar to learn about the benefits of cloud-native operations and application development for NEPs and how you can start your journey to the cloud.

Key topics include:

  • How Open technologies can help deliver new digital services
  • How to create and deliver cloud native offerings
  • Establish a consistent infrastructure for scale
  • Differentiate your cloud offerings

Using Ansible to Manage Networks and Kubernetes Applications
Date: 10/18/2019
Red Hat
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Ansible for NEPs: Techniques to implement network automation and manage container applications

Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) are engaged with Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in a variety of areas. NEP’s offerings for CSPs include custom hardware/systems, VM and container-based software applications and platforms, and value-added services including design, operations and support. For these dynamic and complex networks and offerings, the importance of automation has dramatically increased.

Ansible is an open source IT configuration management, deployment, and orchestration tool. It provides large productivity gains to a wide variety of automation challenges and can perform the orchestration of complex multi-tier workflows and can assist in application software deployment.

Two areas of note for Ansible use are for network automation and to manage the deployment of container applications. In the first, Ansible’s task- based, agentless nature makes it easily applicable to the networking space, and support is included with Ansible for automating networking from major vendors.

Another important use of Ansible is to help simplify deployment, management, and operations of stateful applications in Kubernetes container clusters. This is done using Kubernetes Operators which can be mostly easily written using Ansible. Kubernetes Operators are Kubernets-native applications that use a standard API.

Join this webinar to learn about the benefits of using Ansible for NEPs and how you can get started quickly.

Agile Integration for Network Equipment Providers: API-Centric Agile Integration - Future-ready Solutions
Date: 10/18/2019
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Digital business revolves around IT. Service providers are increasingly using integrated data and application programming interfaces (APIs) to better connect with their customers—and new revenue streams. NEPs can do the same thing to boost their own business. Integrate data across your organization to gain greater insight into your customers, operations, and infrastructure. Use APIs to connect systems, applications, and data sources both internally and externally. Agile integration tools can help bring your organization together and prepare you for the API economy.

Join this webinar to learn more about agile integration and the business benefits for NEPs.

Automating the Cable Network
Date: 10/17/2019
SCTE, Red Hat
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Like other network operators, cable providers are seeking to automate their networks for a variety of reasons, including simplifying network provisioning, scaling services more efficiently, gaining more insights into their customers and cutting operational costs. They are also looking to boost bandwidth utilization and service quality. But putting AI and automation to work is no easy task. In this session, we’ll focus on where the industry stands with automation now and how operators can make strides.

How Next-Gen Telco Impacts Edge Data Center Architecture
Date: 10/16/2019
Schneider Electric
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It is clear that 5G's arrival is imminent and we'll start to see deployments as early as this year. How it will change our lives remains to be seen, but we do know that 5G content delivery will take place at the edge within the local community network or cluster – this is the only way to achieve the lowest latency. To reap the benefits promised by 5G, networks will require a transformation of how and where data is stored and processed, or a new data center architecture based on central core, metro edge core and local edge core clouds. This webinar will address the network of core and edge data centers that will be needed to support 5G and the configurable, flexible and secure solutions required to adapt for deployments at the edge.

Break open the treasure chest with Network Design in 5G era
Date: 10/16/2019
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Until now, telecom network design has been largely static and based on creating a one-size-fits-all infrastructure. However, the arrival of 5G brings about a new focus on specific use cases and how they can be supported. A roll out of 5G infrastructure will support a wide range of use cases with varying performance needs. Network slices will create virtual instances of a network, using the same underlying hardware, to meet each use case’s needs.

In addition, legacy network interwork with new technologies will bring more complexity that conventional design processes will not be able to deal with.

Nokia is innovating and enabling this new approach with ‘Digital Design’ for 5G use cases. The new of way of working involves network design process that is dynamic, automated, uses real-time simulation and directly impacts the technology & business KPIs. The ‘Digital Design’ process churns huge amounts of data from variety of sources to build up a ‘digital twin’ of the use case and consequently iterative process ensures a final design for the use case that meets the precise QoS & performance needs of the target use case.

But the story doesn’t end here. If you’d like to hear more about the potential for 5G to open treasure chests, please join our webinar on 16th October.

From Static to Programmable. Leveraging the next wave of virtualization to deliver secure end-to-end applications.
Date: 10/15/2019
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Service Provider (SP) cloud architectures and strategies are continuing to evolve. One of the most visible attributes of this transition is the shift to application-aware, programmable on-demand networks, that support real-time traffic routing and hybrid connectivity.

In this new model, application and security network functions, such as firewalls, application acceleration, and remote access, are being virtualized so customers can order these on-demand functions via self-service portals. In an implementation context, since the enterprise network is virtualized at the edge, control will depend on deep visibility into end-to-end application usage and behavior from the data center to the customer premises.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What to consider when designing programmable networks to support and secure your applications
  • The pros and cons of new virtualized network functions that can be delivered to customer premises
  • How to take advantage of programmable networks with end-to-end visibility, improved QoE and real-time reporting

The Race for Capacity: Space-Division Multiplexing in Next-Generation Subsea Cables
Date: 10/15/2019
Infinera, Corning
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Global bandwidth usage is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of approximately 40% between 2018 and 2025, and an increasing share of that demand is coming from hyperscale Internet content providers (ICPs) like Facebook and Google.

Over the last decade, subsea transmission cables have evolved from pre-coherent, dispersion-managed cables to all positive-dispersion cables that are optimized for coherent transmission. We are now seeing a transition to so-called space-division multiplexing (SDM), which represents the latest trend of subsea cables with higher numbers of fiber pairs to meet growing demand from ICPs. SDM-based solutions also enable subsea cable operators to achieve lower cost per bit.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • What is driving hyperscale ICP demand, and is it sustainable?
  • What is SDM, and why do we need it?
  • What are the fiber and cable solutions for current and future SDM systems?
  • What are the implications of subsea SDM systems on long-haul terrestrial networks?
  • What features are needed in next-generation transponders to maximize performance over these cables?
  • Will these new features help in “legacy” cables as well as in SDM systems?

Everything you need to know about Implementing and Monetizing Microsoft Teams Calling
Date: 10/10/2019
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First impressions and positive experiences are key when adopting any new technology. This is especially true for the migration of voice and meeting services to the powerful new Microsoft Teams Calling services platform.

This webinar will present some simple yet impactful recommendations for a prosperous migration to Microsoft Teams Calling. The session will commence by focusing on the important first steps to ensure that quality of service and experience will continue to meet or exceed customer expectations.

The second half of the webinar will provide an in-depth view of architecture and related call flows designed to provide a granular services-level view of the technical requirements necessary to truly harness the power of Microsoft Teams Calling.

Global Influences on IoT Agile Billing Development
Date: 10/10/2019
MDS Global
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The strategic approach taken by CSPS around the world to launch IoT services is proving important when shaping the development of propositions, specifically with regard to the billing of IoT services. Many CSPs are still in the early stages of progressing billing and exploring new IoT monetization models, but there is also awareness of emerging billing models which are more frequently being used by small and medium-sized IoT vendors. As the diversity of IoT applications increases and the number of partners in ecosystems grows, the CSPs will need to adopt new business support systems [BSS] to move beyond being just a connectivity provider, and into the functional role of lead enabler.

Key topics include:

  • Exploring the current status on CSP IoT Monetisation strategies – survey-based analysis
  • Critical elements in building an IoT Monetisation practise
  • The hurdles in CSPs executing and generating revenues from IoT
  • The case for agile billing and the move to lead enabler

Driving 5G Profitability by Simplifying Operations
Date: 10/9/2019
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5G presents a potential $2 trillion opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs). But increasing revenue is only part of the equation. For CSPs to make 5G profitable, they will also need to look at the cost of spectrum, infrastructure and operations in order to drive profitable growth.

This webinar will focus on controlling the operational cost component of the profitability equation. New modes of operation will introduce new cost metrics which must be achieved in an evolving marketplace where quality of service will be more closely tracked through enterprise service level agreements and contracts.

In this webinar, we will explore several use cases that demonstrate how operations can be transformed to drive productivity, cut OPEX and reduce your time-to-revenue. When you modernize your network and service operations, develop efficient processes and consolidate operational tools CSPs not only lower their costs, they also enhance their ROI and profitability.

Take part in this interactive web seminar to learn:

  • Why is it important to look at the cost side to drive 5G profitability
  • How to simplify operations to boost productivity
  • How to ensure SLA compliance with next generation operations
Mapping Success: 5G Evolution Reimagined
Date: 10/3/2019
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Transitioning your existing network to 5G is a challenging task. How you arrive at your goal requires a process map built on best practices and use of the right technologies. The alternative is falling back to a status quo network that can translate investments into 5G success.

In this webinar, we focus on leveraging new technologies proven to reduce costs, accelerate time to market and simplify complexities.

Key topics include:

  • Building the map to achieving your goals
  • Best practices for each network segment
  • Reimaging the existing network
  • Monetizing your investment

5G Mobile xHaul Test Specifications & Use Cases for Field Measurements
Date: 10/2/2019
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The 5G RAN evolution changes the mobile fronthaul and backhaul network architecture to deliver ultra-high capacity, availability and coverage. As wireless and wireline carrier networks prepare for 5G supported networks, field network technicians and service administrators face new challenges in implementing and testing optical wireline equipment and fiber. From fiber testing and CPRI, to eCPRI, RoE Ethernet traffic and network timing synchronization, this webinar will provide an overview of the latest technology and new test methodologies developed to tackle the increased demands of 5G networks.

    Key points discussed in this presentation are:
  • Industry specifications and standards impacting the rollout of 5G xRAN/xHaul field deployment
  • Fiber testing, CPRI, and eCPRI, RoE & Ethernet traffic generation, including timing sensitive networks
  • Use cases showing the latest technology and test methodologies developed to handle the increased demands of 5G networks

5G Converged SDN Transport – the Key to New 5G Services
Date: 9/26/2019
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The promise of 5G services is huge. Massively scalable, low-latency enabled applications will open up new ecosystems, business models and creativity across enterprise and residential markets. Sounds great, right?

At the same time, 5G will require mobile networks to increase availability, reliability and security to new heights that aren’t entirely predictable as the network surface grows exponentially and new services grow organically. Is your network a platform for new service innovation and will it enable your business to grow agilely in unforeseen directions as 5G technology opens new frontiers? Now is the time for network operators to evolve their transport networks in advance of mass 5G rollouts. Operators have many decisions to make, but what is the best path forward?

Join this Light Reading webinar to learn about the technical aspects of the 5G transport network, laying the foundation for deeper dives on the evolution of your transport architecture.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to facilitate the convergence of mobile and wireline services onto a single transport network
  • How to enable new 5G services with heightened performance/enterprise-grade expectations
  • How to increase service innovation and velocity
  • How to lower TCO

Bringing HDR video to Life
Date: 9/19/2019
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In their drive to sell more 4K TVs, consumer electronics makers are embracing HDR, or High Dynamic Range, a technique that expands the range of both color and contrast significantly on a TV set. This technology makes images appear to have more depth and richness. But it puts even more bandwidth and compression demands on pay-TV providers. How can cable operators meet those demands? In this session, we’ll look at what’s possible.

Doing More With Less - How to Get More Out of Your HFC Network While Holding the Line on Opex
Date: 9/18/2019
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Relentless competition is driving cable operators to squeeze more bandwidth out of their HFC networks within their existing opex budgets, a seemingly impossible task. In this webinar, we will share how operators are turning to signal leakage applications beyond government-mandated testing in light of recent tech breakthroughs, dramatically improving both plant integrity and subscriber QoE while spending no more on opex.

How to Get Extraordinary Value Out of 5G With Agile Operations
Date: 9/11/2019
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The 5G era will change everything for service providers but they will need to quickly launch entirely new services, embrace new ecosystems, and try new business models if they are to capture part of the US$2 trillion marketplace.

To be successful, service provides need to be more agile. They need to develop platforms for new services, so you can create, deliver, assure and monetize them with greater speed. Cloud-native network functions and operations automation, including DevOps, all help service providers be more agile. They enable on-the-go, highly customized digital services, underpinned by closed-loop, end-to-end service lifecycle management.

But it’s not just the tools; with an agile mindset and operational processes, service providers can seize opportunities as soon as they appear, and launch new services faster. This webinar will examine how 5G ecosystem operations and DevOps can contribute to significant revenue growth and reduce time-to-market.

Leveraging Routing Analytics to Enable Intent-based Automation
Date: 9/10/2019
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A number of solutions exist to monitor the routing health of your network, but analytics at scale without an automation mitigation strategy can be tedious and even ineffective. The true challenge with any network analytics capability is how to automatically translate those insights into actionable intelligence.

In this webinar, we will focus on how to bridge the gap between the passive monitoring of routing analytics and active network risk mitigation. In addition, we will examine the challenges of an on-premises deployment and the advantages gained by utilizing a cloud-based SaaS approach to analytics.

On this webinar you will learn:

  • The pros and cons of on-premises vs cloud management of large, variable routing data.
  • How to make your network more manageable and analytics more accessible.
  • How to operationalize analytics streams - making analytics intent-driven, not just an awareness tool.

Disaggregated Networking Technology: What's behind the promises of the new web-scale disaggregated router?
Date: 9/4/2019
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The wide adoption of cloud services changed the architecture of large data centers, driven by new virtualization technologies, low cost white-boxes and the development of automated operations. In contrast, service providers’ network architecture has remained almost the same for the last 30 years, with expensive propriety hardware, multi-layer architecture and dedicated systems per network service. While NFV attempted to bring some of the data center virtualization efficiencies to networking, it has been limited to just a few services and low-throughput access solutions.

The emergence of networking merchant silicon technologies opened the door for service providers to embrace web-scale networking by adopting the architectural concepts of large clouds. CSPs can now build high-scale converged infrastructures that support any service on any port, with cloud-native software and microservices. Such a disaggregated approach can scale higher than any traditional approach, at a much lower TCO.

Join this webinar and learn about the technologies and architecture behind the disaggregated router.

What you will learn:

  • What exactly is disaggregated routing
  • How does disaggregated network compare with the current networking models
  • What are the challenges of scaling a disaggregated network to the capacity and availability requirements of service providers

Self-Configuring NFV Packaged Solutions- for Fast and Flexible Deployment
Date: 8/21/2019
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NFV solutions have been available for seven years, but have yet to go mainstream. Service providers believe that NFV is very complex to implement, though critical to their overall business strategies over the next five years, in the race to get to 5G.

Join this webinar and learn how F5 is making purchasing, sizing and deployments of NFV easier.

What you will learn:

  • How to size your service deployments
  • How to Develop deploy new services (and terminate them) at the click of a button.
  • How to automate your service deployments from the start.

Building the New Telco Edge – Hardened & Flexible; Open & Reliable
Date: 8/20/2019
HPE & Arrow
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Massive data generated by connected devices require CSPs to consider new approaches that provide network flexibility and enable new service offerings and revenue streams. Moving from centralized processing to distributed or “edge” processing will enable CSPs to process data in near real-time directly at the edge, improving network efficiency and service levels. The infrastructure deployed at the edge must support workload and quality-of-service requirements while operating reliably in remote and harsh environments.

HPE’s new Edgeline EL8000 is a unique compute platform designed to provide the highest compute power in harsh conditions of edge locations. This platform is specifically developed to address unique challenges of massively distributed edge deployments of telecommunication edge.

Attend this webinar and learn about:

  • Architecting optimized edge and cloud systems for network efficiency
  • Advantages of employing open standards and software-defined approaches
  • Benefits of the new HPE EL8000 Converged Edge System for high-performance, low-latency services
  • Techniques for enabling remote management

AI-Based Threat Protection for 5G and IoT Networks
Date: 8/15/2019
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The threat landscape will only get more sophisticated with the transition to 5G networks. The exploding use of IoT devices from home, factory and agriculture automation to cashier-less retail outlets brings the potential of a massive proliferation of DDoS attacks coming into the 5G cloud-based network through multiple entry points. Detection and mitigation of these attacks in real time is an absolute requirement to protect both the network availability and the critical applications that depend on it.

DDoS is not just a nuisance in 5G but may, in fact, be a matter of life and death with the deployment of life-critical services like remote medicine and driverless and connected cars. Telco networks must borrow from the lessons learned in enterprise security – using these solutions to protect the telco network. In addition, more advanced security using machine learning will be critical to stop threats, particularly in low-latency networks.

Please join representatives from A10 Networks and Heavy Reading as we discuss.

Join this webinar and you will learn:

  • How 5G will drive the makeover of enterprise services and the importance of detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks utilizing machine learning
  • Considerations for implementing advanced automated security techniques
  • The security implications of migrating from telco protocols to IT protocols
  • The value of zero-day behavior anomaly recognition and attack pattern recognition in securing 5G and IoT networks

Deploying Next-Gen PON
Date: 8/15/2019
SCTE, Corning, VIAVI Solutions
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While DOCSIS may never die, it's not the only transmission technology in cable's arsenal anymore. With the industry's growing emphasis on Fiber Deep and FTTH rollouts, cable operators are increasingly turning to EPON, 10G EPON and other PON flavors to move bits over their fiber-rich networks. Where does the industry stand with PON now? What kinds of trials, pilots and rollouts are happening? How will NG-PON get deployed? In this session, our experts will assess PON's prospects in the DOCSIS world.

RF Propagation Modelling for 5G RAN Planning & Design
Date: 8/13/2019
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NETSCOUT has conducted over 2500 Continuous Wave (CW) measurements in 3.5, 28, and 39 GHz frequencies and created hundreds of 5G RF propagation models. The webinar will summarize key learnings from RF propagation modeling studies in Sub-6 GHz and mmWave for practical applications in 5G radio access network planning & design.

Key Topics include:

  • Why accurate propagation modeling for 5G RAN Planning & Design is important;
  • What will be some challenges you may face in higher frequencies?
  • How far should you expect mmWave to propagate?

Delivering on the Promise of Segment Routing with SRover6, SRv6 and SRv6+
Date: 7/30/2019
Juniper Networks
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Segment Routing (SR) was introduced to the market just a few years ago with a promise that it would simplify network transport by seamlessly interworking with IPv6, reduce complexity by moving state information from the network to the packet, and provide an end-to-end transport architecture that spans multiple network domains.

Adoption of SR is growing, but will SR deliver on its promise? In this webinar we will explore the state of SR today; what is working, what’s not, and perhaps more importantly, what is the industry doing to ensure broad, reliable adoption at scale for this promising new technology. Please join representatives from Heavy Reading and Juniper Networks as we discuss:

  • How SR-MPLS (SRover6), SRv6, and SRv6+ are enabling end-to-end network deployment
  • SRv6+ and why we need it
  • The use of a centralized controller for SR Traffic Engineering
  • How a centralized SR controller simplifies SR management across multiple network domains

Taming the IT Infrastructure Monster in 5G Networks
Date: 7/24/2019
HPE and Intel
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As communications service providers (CSPs) begin deploying 5G, they will leverage Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) where software is disaggregated from hardware. However, NFV implies a shift in end-to-end validation responsibility from equipment vendors to system integrators or CSPs themselves. CSPs will therefore incur new risks for the end-to-end solution as elements are acquired and integrated independently. The extensive use of IT infrastructure and the 5G network architecture also makes the networks more vulnerable from a security standpoint.

In this webinar, we’ll first look at 5G network adoption, use cases, requirements and deployment challenges:

  • 5G adoption, major use cases, network slicing
  • 5G network cloud characteristics, technical requirements, business requirements
  • Risk in-sourcing, management and operation complexity, security, evolving standards, IT lifecycles

We’ll then focus on the ways in which these challenges can be addressed:

  • Secure infrastructure
  • Cloud consumption models to reduce CAPEX
  • Investment protection to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Risk mitigation using pre-validated software and hardware stacks
  • Standards-based infrastructure
  • Faster introduction of IT innovations to reduce OPEX

By attending this webinar, participants will walk away with a greater understanding of how they can manage their 5G infrastructure costs while keeping their networks secure.

Do You Really Understand Your Subscriber Usage Patterns? Analytics to the Rescue!
Date: 7/23/2019
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Globally, mobile data traffic grew around 60% last year and is expected to grow by a factor of four between 2018 and 2022. So how can operators leverage these massive amounts of data to their benefit?

With analytics, operators can leverage all that data to develop new business models that go beyond traditional connectivity. When harnessed effectively, analytics delivers new customer insights that help operators make smarter business decisions, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Operators have only just begun to scratch the surface in terms of the lucrative business opportunities that data analytics presents.

In this webinar we will explore how big data analytics enables operators to proactively respond to changing network and market dynamics, such as:

  • Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and IMS network and subscriber performance metrics to discover end-to-end interoperability problems
  • Improving/Enabling self-care and reducing call-center contact
  • Identifying subscribers who have the potential to churn or move to a competitor
  • Distinguishing network, application and device issues associated with poor subscriber experience
  • Helping to optimize investment decisions for broadband, voice and IoT

Connectivity for the Edge Computing Era
Date: 7/18/2019
Infinera, Corsite, Arista, Fujitsu
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SCTE.ISBE Live Learning Webinar: Bracing for the 5G Era
Date: 7/18/2019
SCTE, Red Hat, Netscout
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Seeking to stay ahead of aggressive rivals like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, cable operators are busily upgrading their networks for multi-gigabit speeds, cloud-based IP video services and next-gen wireless services. But now, with the emergence of 5G technology, the big question is whether cablecos will be able to harness 5G to their advantage or find themselves fighting a rearguard action against it. In this session, we will tackle the opportunities and challenges that 5G presents for cable in an increasingly converged world and discuss how operators can make the most of it.

Digital Operations: Rise of a New Species?
Date: 7/17/2019
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Industry 4.0 presents a $2 trillion opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs). To realize this opportunity, networks need to mutate into a new type of highly reactive, highly reliable and high-quality business platform, ready to on-board new digital services. In an increasingly complex environment, the digital evolution of operations – supported by AI and automation – is key to efficiently deliver the highest-quality standard and deliver the best experience. In this webinar, we will present real examples of how CSPs are benefiting from digital operations.

Key topics include:

  • The future of network and service operations
  • How AI and automation can improve efficiency and quality
  • Real case studies showing how CSPs are transforming their operations

Security Services for Service Providers: It's Easier Than You Think
Date: 7/16/2019
Cisco Umbrella
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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are reeling from cyber attacks such as malware and phishing. And, SMBs often have a good relationship with their service provider (SP) and rely on the SP for high quality Internet and mobile connectivity. These two realities combine to create a lucrative SP opportunity.

Cisco Umbrella is cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the Internet. SPs can quickly and simply enhance their connectivity services with robust security for a value-add revenue source. Cisco Umbrella requires minimal investment and is simple to explain, deploy and manage. It just works, helping the SP keep costs down and margins up.

Learn how Cisco Umbrella can help you protect your customers with value-add security and grow your revenue.

How to Accelerate CSP Digital Transformation by Simplifying IT Infrastructure
Date: 7/15/2019
Infosys & Vodafone in partnership with Ovum
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Digital transformation is on the agenda of all CSPs with over 90% of CSPs across the globe having commenced their digital transformation journeys. Their objectives? To improve business profitability through reduced costs, increased revenue performance and customer experience.

Operational agility will play an important role in achieving these objectives. However, CSPs’ legacy IT environments hinder how quickly they can transform operations given the complexity of their IT estates. CSPs must therefore identify effective ways to address challenges associated with the increasingly complex IT environment. One approach to consider is the deployment of modern application development practices such as development and deployment on cloud, transforming enterprise architecture towards microservices, APIs and adoption of DevOps practices and tools. These concepts are aimed at simplifying CSPs’ IT applications ecosystems whilst providing capabilities to support their long-term ventures.

In this webinar we will look at how Vodafone UK is addressing the challenges associated with its IT environment, working in partnership with Infosys. During this webinar, we’ll cover the following:

  • Market trends driving the need for digital transformation in the telecoms industry;
  • Factors impeding CSP digital transformation;
  • Best practices CSPs should adopt to address current challenges;
  • Case study: How Vodafone UK is accelerating digital transformation journey, using cloud, microservices; and
  • Key recommendations CSPs should bear in mind while embarking on their digital transformation journeys

How Cable Can Profit From the New Video Streaming Wars
Date: 7/11/2019
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Led by Apple, Disney and AT&T, some of the world’s largest media companies have entered or are now entering the booming streaming video space. For existing streaming providers, this will make the streaming space riskier and messier. For consumers, it may mean needing to subscribe to every streaming service they want separately. All of this may end up jeopardizing the biggest benefits of streaming video – namely, the superior user experience and lower costs of OTT.

But there may be a silver lining for cable here. Light Reading and Espial invite you to attend a webinar focused on the potential advantages that the increasingly crowded streaming space may offer for cable operators. This webinar will bring in industry leaders to discuss the new avenues and new ways that operators can reinvent their business models and services to make a profitable comeback in the streaming video market. Michael McCluskey from Espial, Candice Mayberry Storsveen from HBC and Alan Breznick will participate in a panel-style discussion to provide their valuable perspective on this topic.

Taking place on July 11 at 11 a.m. EST the webinar will cover:

  • The existing OTT video landscape and current cable ecosystem
  • A summary of key action items for pay-TV operators
  • A panel discussion to explore new business models and technology considerations

Playing Smart in the Smart Home Market
Date: 6/27/2019
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As the battle for the smart home intensifies with services decoupling from the broadband ‘pipe’ and as new entrants compete over-the-top, this webinar will address the key issues that service providers are facing, and the strategies and technologies that they are adopting to stay ahead.

We’ll look at the prime factors causing today’s Wi-Fi home networking bottleneck:

  • Growth of IOT devices in the home
  • Increased congestion
  • Security threats
  • Lack of support tools

We’ll focus on key technologies that are being deployed to address home networking issues:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Predictive maintenance and support tools

We’ll then explore how service providers can go beyond the home networking issue and leverage Wi-Fi as a platform to create a host of new services and boost ARPU, increase NPS and importantly, reduce churn.

The session will feature speakers from both North American (Armstrong) and European (Melita) service providers. Executives from both companies will explain their strategies, results and insights, designed to ensure that they play smart in the rapidly expanding smart home market.

Mobile Operators are the Key to Making Edge Real
Date: 6/20/2019
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We have all heard the promises of mobile edge computing: 100X speed, extreme low latency, unlimited scaling. But what is the current mindset of operators today? While strategies for edge enablement are often masked under 5G evolution planning, the truth is that edge-enabled networks can unlock new features and capabilities now and are exponentially enhanced by the adoption of 5G.

Years of research have helped to identify use cases where application owners believe edge functionality is needed. We're sharing this research for the first time to explore where, when and how operators play a critical role in bringing the next generation of end-user experiences to the world through the power of the mobile edge.

Join us as we discuss the current state of the edge, enabling the future state of hybrid networks, and the industry need for edge-enabled capabilities.

Key topics include:

  • Operator "State of the Edge" today
  • A sound approach to vertical adoption
  • Current industry use cases

SCTE.ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Adopting Cloud Computing
Date: 6/20/2019
SCTE, RedHat, Intel
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Like other network providers, cable operators are looking to leverage cloud computing to offer various hardware-based products as software-based services, including both residential and business services. Operators are taking this route to improve the customer experience, bring new services to market quicker, scale them easier and reduce costs, among other things. But getting started can seem daunting. In this session, we’ll explore how operators can begin putting cloud computing to work.

5G State-of-the-Industry Webinar Series: The 5G Mobile Era is Live
Date: 6/18/2019
Verizon, ECI, Zayo, A10 Networks
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The 5G mobile era is officially here. In the second quarter of 2019 over half a dozen operators have launched 5G mobile networks to consumers and dozens more have progressed their plans to launch in the year to ahead. In this webinar Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown will bring the audience up to speed on 5G progress worldwide and lead a discussion on how 5G mobile is driving the pace of change in service experience and network technology.

Delivering 5G With High-Bandwidth Photonics
Date: 6/13/2019
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5G is offering a step change in wireless application performance but requires significant investment in optical connectivity for both the radio access network and wireless core. 5G networks will deliver high bandwidth and low latency and are built on a virtualized infrastructure that enables network slicing. 5G will accelerate the deployment of new services for mobile broadband, autonomous cars, smart manufacturing and IoT, opening up new revenue streams for service providers. 5G requires many more antennas than 4G and many connections between remote radio heads, virtual baseband unit servers and core data centers that support 25-100 Gbit/s and more.

This webinar will review the latest developments for 5G, the benefits this will bring to users and the challenges of building the 5G wireless infrastructure. We will also drill down into the optical connectivity required for 5G networks and some of the solutions already available and being developed.

Ponemon Research: The State of DDoS Attacks Against Service Providers
Date: 6/11/2019
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According to a new research by Ponemon Institute, 85% of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) who took a survey reported that DDoS attacks against them and their subscribers are either increasing or continuing at the same relentless pace. However, 71% did not feel capable of effectively mitigating those attacks.

While CSPs work to improve their defenses, the survey showed that many also deliver DDoS scrubbing services to their subscribers, enhancing their client’s security posture, while creating profitable revenue streams.

Join this webinar with Jim Hodges, Principal Analyst from Heavy Reading, Dr. Larry Ponemon, the Founder of the Ponemon Institute and Paul Nicholson from A10 Networks, to gain deeper insight into the key findings of this report.

Join this webinar and you will learn:

  • Critical weaknesses in today’s CSP DDoS defenses
  • Tackling the challenges of scalability costs, automation and analytics
  • The role of DDoS threat intelligence in effective defense strategies
  • Growing demand for delivering managed DDoS scrubbing services to subscribers

Survival of the Fastest: How Should Telcos Use Network Analytics to Improve Agility and Experience
Date: 6/6/2019
Nokia with Ovum
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The hyperconnected digital world is expected to generate about $2 trillion of revenues for telcos by 2022. Telcos, however, cannot address this opportunity due to complexity within their networks and service offerings, which will increase exponentially in the 5G era. They must adapt and respond to customer needs in digital time or lose out on these opportunities.

Interest in network analytics solutions is ramping up as telcos see the value these tools can bring to increase agility, reduce costs and improve customer experience. Analytics can provide a deeper understanding of the services and network performance, allowing telcos to make smarter and faster decisions. However, there are barriers that telcos must overcome if they are going to get a return on their investment. Network analytics vendors, on the other hand, must have a clear understanding of telcos' requirements and align their solutions accordingly.

Join Ovum and Nokia to learn more about:

  • Telco market trends and challenges driving the need for network analytics
  • Use cases to be addressed using network analytics; Looking at customer deployments and outcomes achieved
  • Challenges that telcos face when deploying network analytics solutions
  • Criteria for evaluating network analytics solutions to address these challenges
  • Learn how different network analytics solutions were assessed in Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting Network Analytics Solutions for Telcos

Think Cloud-Native: Designing Next-Generation Lawful Interception
Date: 6/6/2019
BAE Systems
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The evolution of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) infrastructure to support cloud-native applications is gaining traction for both fixed and mobile Communications Service Providers (CSPs). This presents an opportunity to think ahead and re-design the full IT environment to best meet future challenges – in particular being agile with services and scale in an efficient way.

Vendors need to up their game too, to helps their customers on this journey by providing cloud-native applications. This includes Lawful Interception systems, which must evolve to support the cloud-native world.

In this webinar, BAE Systems and Heavy Reading will discuss some of the considerations those designing, delivering and managing the changes should make with respect to regulatory obligations for lawful interception.

Key topics include:

  • Move from cloud to cloud-native
  • How to apply standards in the cloud-native world
  • Thinking and planning about compliance for the long term
  • Best practices that CSPs should consider when implementing LI systems

5G: Why Cloud-Natives Will Thrive and Cloud-Tourists Will Struggle
Date: 6/5/2019
Matrixx Software
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With 5G, service providers can reach customers in new ways, quickly and efficiently experimenting with new business models. Cloud-native solutions are essential to deliver the scalability, dynamic configurability and unprecedented resilience that 5G demands. With the right design principles, cloud-native solutions are essential for 5G success. Legacy architectures deployed in the cloud may fail to achieve the performance required.

Join this webinar and you will learn:

  • What cloud-native really means
  • What design patterns are emerging with cloud-native applications for 5G services
  • How are stateless vs. stateful microservices handled differently in a cloud-native architecture
  • How will service providers ultimately benefit from embracing cloud-native web-scale technologies

Tuning the Customer Experiences in 5G
Date: 5/30/2019
Accenture, VIAVI
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It’s said that 5G will transform the role telecom technology plays in society and will fuel new uses cases and economic growth. But operators still need to focus on monetizing their network and that means assuring the experiences their investments are behind. Customer experience management control systems are how operators will tune the experiences they want to deliver and are critical to their ability to compete on factors other than product and price.

Learn where to invest in testing, assurance and optimization to have the largest impact on the quality of experience that 5G’s enhanced services can deliver by joining Heavy Reading Analyst Kevin Burden, VIAVI Solutions’ wireless strategy director, Paul Gowans and Accenture’s managing director of its 5G network practice, Tejas Rao on May 30th at 11am ET.

The session will cover:

  • The 5G deployment strategies of CSPs and their monetization expectations
  • 5G experiences operators will invest in out of the gate
  • How automating service assurance with real-time analytics can ensure SLA compliance
  • Tools, techniques and strategies for ensuring the customer experience performs as expected in each individual use case

5G Consumer Monetization Strategies
Date: 5/22/2019
Ovum, ConnecTech Asia
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Operators need to monetize the new mobile consumer. They need to eke a premium for 5G. But that requires more than just offering unlimited mobile data and a faster speed. Innovation around 5G-enabled digital services is also a prerequisite.

In this webinar, we focus on how technology first-movers are charging consumers for 5G and we assess what new differentiators have been introduced to drive usage and upsell.

Key topics include:

  • 5G plans – what's included, what's not
  • How much more can telcos charge for 5G?
  • New differentiators (VR, AR, etc.)
  • What's next?

The Role of 5G in Private Networks for the Industrial IoT
Date: 5/22/2019
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Private LTE networks already serve a wide range of industrial IoT use cases, such as in the mining, oil and gas, sea ports, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. Now, as 5G is here for smartphones, this webinar will investigate how the advanced capabilities of 5G technology can be applied in these environments and enable the transformation to Industry 4.0.

Among the topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Spectrum to deploy private 5G networks for industrial IoT, from licensed, unlicensed, shared to regionally dedicated
  • New opportunities for the industrial IoT such as replacing the wired industrial Ethernet and time sensitive networking
  • The role of 5G NR ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) and Time Sensitive Networks (TSN)
  • How Coordinated Multi-point (CoMP) can be used to meet demanding reliability targets
  • How can co-located networks share the same spectrum with reliability, such as Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM)

Find the Secret Profit Hiding in Your Network Traffic
Date: 5/22/2019
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Network traffic data has the potential to drive better business outcomes for communication service providers (CSPs). However, for many providers, measuring how IP traffic is delivered across large networks remains a slow, entirely manual process, and it’s difficult to put the data to work.

Learn how to leverage [and profit] from your network traffic data by joining Heavy Reading Analyst James Crawshaw and Kentik’s Product Marketing Director, Jim Meehan on May 22nd at 12 pm ET. Jim will demonstrate how CSPs can surpass revenue and cost targets with real-time analytics that combine network data and business data to deliver insights that can be put to immediate use.

The session will cover key network data opportunities for CSPs:

  • Understand each customer’s end-to-end contribution to network load
  • Create differentiated pricing based on where traffic primarily flows (domestic or international)
  • Uncover new sales and upsell opportunities within network data
  • Track third party OTT services and respond to competitive threats
  • Use per-subscriber utilization details to drive better customer service outcomes
Join us Wednesday, May 22nd, to see real-world examples of how CSPs leverage their network data to get a "leg up" on their competitors..

The Impact of Full Duplex DOCSIS on Cable Networks
Date: 5/16/2019
SCTE, Antronix
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Now that most larger North American MSOs are wrapping up their rollouts of DOCSIS 3.1, it’s time to prepare for rolling out the next DOCSIS spec – Full Duplex DOCSIS. But that’s easier said than done because Full Duplex requires operators to extend fiber much deeper into their access networks and eliminate all amplifiers. What kind of impact will Full Duplex have on the HFC network? How can operators cope? Our experts will tackle these issues and more.

5G and the Innovation Challenge
Date: 5/9/2019
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5G emerges at a time when global productivity growth is low. Can 5G, and other new technologies, lift productivity in key industry verticals? This webinar will explore:

  • Emerging 5G use cases and indicative timelines
  • Obstacles to enterprise ecosystem development
  • How operators, government and industry can cooperate to accelerate 5G innovation

A Step-by-Step Approach to Reaching End-to-End Service Automation
Date: 5/8/2019
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To serve the needs of modern consumers and enterprises, digital services must be created, monetized and torn down in digital time. This pace of change is simply not possible with legacy, siloed IT systems. Instead, CSPs need to move towards a single, integrated operations paradigm with the primary goals of customer centricity and automation. This journey will be a step-by-step approach, bringing orchestration, fulfillment and assurance capabilities together to build capability-based, end-to-end lifecycle management. Unlike big-bang, boil-the-ocean mega-transformations, a progressive and phased approach to transformation can deliver tangible benefits along the way, reducing risk and demonstrating RoI.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • How to make your service offerings more customer-centric.
  • Which design principles to use for end-to-end service automation.
  • How analytics and AI can help drive decision-making and best practice.
Enable New Revenues with Cloud Gaming
Date: 5/7/2019
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The distribution of video games currently still depends on physical and downloadable models however, the gaming industry is set to follow the evolution of the music and movie industries and move to an unlimited streaming model. This development is still in its early stages and, enabled by technologies such as 5G, will create new revenue opportunities for telcos as the technical challenges are overcome.

Imagine being able to choose from a library of games (including AAA premium titles) on any connected device (rather than just a dedicated hardware console) by paying a monthly subscription (rather than buying new consoles and games).

Carriers can dramatically lower the cost and eliminate the complexity of rolling out branded gaming-as-a-service offerings to their customers. This could be as disruptive in gaming as streaming has been in other entertainment markets. New technologies, such as the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (Kaby Lake G) and Intel embedded SSDs, will help telecom carriers to overcome those challenges.

Intel and Artesyn are working with cloud gaming content providers and wireless operators to make streamed gaming a reality. During this webinar we will review the latest cloud gaming developments and explain how telcos can now offer their subscribers a cloud gaming service under their own brand to monetize the investment in their 5G and FTTH network infrastructure.

IoT Monetization – BSS Essentials for CSPs
Date: 5/2/2019
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Every forecast for the IoT indicates a trillion dollar industry within a few years. CSPs are set to get a share of that revenue through device connectivity. But there is a far greater opportunity beckoning - providing monetization capabilities to the broader IoT ecosystem. This in turn has implications for CSPs as they expand their relationships into new verticals and business models.

This webinar will discuss the impacts to BSS systems and the essential monetization capabilities CSPs can put in place today to manage their 2020 and beyond revenue streams. We will cover:

  • Managing the diversity of offerings with IoT-centric catalogues
  • Deploying rich charging capabilities that match pricing to cost profiles
  • Managing the partner ecosystem through standards and automation
  • Exploiting cloud first technologies and the implications of 5G

How to deliver robust automation in time for 5G
Date: 5/2/2019
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As early 5G deployments get underway, leading CSPs are issuing an urgent call to the industry to collaborate to deliver robust automation for 5G. This call comes on the back of years of virtualization hype that has yet to fully live up to expectations and ongoing fragmentation in open source automation platform adoption. It’s a moment of truth for the industry that has led to questions of whether automation efforts will be mature enough to enable dynamic 5G networks to live up to their promise. The good news is that pragmatic approaches to getting started with automation are gaining traction and specific use cases such as network slice activation offer low-hanging fruit for CSPs – and the industry – to achieve early automation wins.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The state of 5G, cloud-native and automation technology
  • Challenges to deploying automation: will it be ready for 5G?
  • Low-hanging fruit tier-1 CSPs are targeting for automation
  • The role of automated assurance for 5G
  • Network slice activation automation use case

The Fiber Foundation of 5G Networks
Date: 5/1/2019
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5G is the buzz. Everyone involved in the large telecommunications ecosystem is developing, trialing, promising and dreaming about 5G networks. While this technology comes with great promises and applications, we seldom hear about the underlying physical network that will have to transport the data to the 5G radios. That’s right, the optical fiber network that has been installed and optimized for other applications (e.g., FTTx, Remote PHY) will now need to reach deeper with possibly more stringent requirements. What does 5G really mean for the network’s fiber foundation? What are the challenges and pitfalls to avoid? How can you make sure your fiber foundation is ready for the next generation of wireless communications?

Join this webinar and you will learn:

  • Which fiber architectures will support 5G?
  • What are the new challenges to consider when deploying fiber for 5G networks?
  • What will be the main testing criteria for each part of the 5G optical network?

Key Considerations for 5G Security Strategy
Date: 4/26/2019
Juniper Networks
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5G promises to be a game changer. It is not just about faster, but also about enabling a diverse new set of services and vertical use cases, including the support of IoT. Security is fundamental to the successful delivery of 5G networks and services.

This heterogeneity of applications and scale of 5G communication will be challenging to balance the efficiency and accuracy of security management and policy control. In addition, the use of edge computing, virtualization, CUPS and network slicing creates new attack vectors that service providers need to consider.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What’s new and different from 4G to 5G?
  • What are the security implications from evolving to 5G and IoT? What needs to change?
  • What service providers need to consider when planning for 5G security strategy

Meeting the 5G XHaul Challenge
Date: 4/26/2019
Ericsson, Fujitsu, Juniper, Viavi
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Enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communications, and ultra-reliable and ultra-low latency communications are the primary use cases that define 5G. While most of the industry focuses on 5G NR, the transport network has a critical role to play in 5G by providing the fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul infrastructure – collectively known as “xhaul” – that will enable these new use cases and applications economically and at scale.

In this special, multi-sponsored Light Reading webinar, top 5G experts from Ericsson, Fujitsu, Juniper, and VIAVI Solutions will discuss exactly what operators need to do to architect, build/upgrade, and maintain their xhaul transport networks to support massive 5G deployments -- including the roles of fiber, DWDM, microwave, switching/routing, and network testing.

Topics addressed in the webinar will include:

  • Operator bandwidth requirements in fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul segments and the impacts on the transport network
  • Why and how should operators implement network slicing in their transport networks?
  • Transport and synchronization SLAs and network testing methods
  • WDM-based fronthaul versus Ethernet-based fronthaul
  • The impact of open operation in the RAN via the ORAN Alliance

Telco Cloud: Drive Innovation, Success, and Profitability in the 5G Era
Date: 4/25/2019
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Digital transformation is the new imperative. CSPs worldwide are on a journey to cloudify their networks by leveraging software-defined platforms that provide agility and efficiency, streamline operations, expand revenue opportunities, and support advanced technologies like 5G and network functions virtualization (NFV).

This webinar will discuss new service opportunities enabled by VMware’s Telco Cloud and provide guidance on the operational enhancements that service providers must take in order to implement a cloud-based service model and manage the complexity of multi-cloud environments. Our panelists will walk you through their vision for a modern and unified Telco Cloud to support your network transformation. In addition, you will learn how to:

  • Build out the next generation core network to support technologies like 5G
  • Deliver new services, such as SD-WAN, faster with a lower TCO
  • Simplify and automate network monitoring to enhance agility and reduce MTTR
  • Future proof your operations and business model

Network Data Monetization: Let AI Help You Get There Faster
Date: 4/23/2019
Sterlite Technologies
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The global digital ecosystem is being re-defined around emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, etc. These ecosystems add new dimensions to the increasing volume, speed and nature of data capture and advanced analytics capabilities. To get an edge, leading telcos are heavily investing in analytics engines and capabilities to get structured customer insights. This will help them to improve their core business by offering more targeted products and services and hence elevating the end customer experience. To delve deeper into this, join us for an informative webinar where Shrirang Bapat, CTO - Software Business, Sterlite Tech will explain:

  • How data has always been there … but now telcos are ready to capitalize on the opportunity.
  • Why networks will continue to play a pivotal role in the digital ecosystem … and CSPs will continue to build, manage and run the networks.
  • How data is not the “new oil”, rather it is the real world Vibranium and can be put to use in multiple ways.
  • How network data helps you better understand your customer and can be leveraged to offer more customer-centric solutions.
  • How AI-ML can be put to use to accelerate the Data Monetization Process.

Maintaining an HFC Network
Date: 4/18/2019
SCTE, Viavi Solutions
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While industry technologists love to expound on their plans to upgrade and expand the cable HFC network to deliver new services, it’s at least as critical to monitor, manage and maintain the network to deliver existing services. And such maintenance work will only become more important as the HFC network becomes more complex and sophisticated. In this session, we’ll look at the key maintenance functions of network testing, measurement, fiber connectorization and cleaning.

Gigabit++ With Wired & Wireless Convergence
Date: 4/9/2019
Sterlite Technologies
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With the proliferation of 4G LTE across the globe and evolution of WiFi standards to support Gigabit connectivity in building (home, enterprise, high-density venues, etc.), there has been a steady rise in data consumption at the network's edge. This demand for high bandwidth on the radio access has led to growing demand for high-bandwidth backhaul connectivity. The natural choice for backhaul connectivity has been fiber, and networks across the world are extending fiber reach to as close to the network edge as possible. But can a converged infrastructure or fiber++ bring better value to the end consumer and make case for a better economics? In the recent past, 5G and particularly the 5GNR standard, has generated renewed interest in fixed wireless access, with the focus primarily on offering broadband connectivity to homes.

However, fixed wireless can offer more than just wireless broadband connectivity to homes. We see a world of technological convergence where several FWA technologies – 802.11 standard based, LTE, 5GNR, FSO, LiFi and SATCOM will co-exist, collaborate, cohabitate alongside. Join us for this exciting webinar to learn more about:

  • How FWA can be a profitable growth opportunity to enable the "Networks of Tomorrow"
  • Convergence of wired and wireless infrastructure to bring Gigabit connectivity to the edge
  • Various use cases that can leverage fixed wireless for 'last mile' connectivity, its pros and cons, cost considerations, etc.

Making the Most of a Limited Resource: How to Use Spectrum More Efficiently in the Era of 5G
Date: 3/27/2019
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The finite resource of radio spectrum is vital for mobile network performance and customer experience. Using this precious resource more efficiently has always been a key objective for mobile network operators (MNOs). Spectrum efficiency is not just a question of mobile standards, even though each new generation is more spectrally efficient than the previous one. This is why the efficiency discussion today goes beyond 5G New Radio (NR) and the 5G promise for optimal use of network resources.

Join Dr. Konstantinos Stavropoulos, solution marketing manager at EXFO, and Gabriel Brown, principal analyst at Heavy Reading, for an insightful discussion on a hot mobile industry topic. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Which factors affect spectrum use, and why spectrum efficiency remains a challenge for mobile networks, including 5G
  • How spectrum efficiency should be defined
  • Ways to make the best use of spectrum in the era of 5G
  • Lessons from leading MNOs on improving spectrum efficiency

Securing & Enabling Real-Time Communications on a Public Cloud
Date: 3/26/2019
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The market for public cloud keeps expanding rapidly, and running application workloads on a public cloud has become commonly accepted. However, when it comes to real-time communication (RTC) workloads on a public cloud, it is still early in the adoption cycle.

If you are a provider of real-time communications (e.g., VoIP, unified communications, call centers or SIP trunking), when it comes to deploying on a public cloud, you want to know it is secure, reliable, has global reach, delivers predictable quality of service (QoS) and will be more efficient and cost-effective than hosting these services in your own private cloud.

If you are a consumer of real-time communications, you need to be confident the service you purchase is secure, is delivered reliably, at the scale you need possibly across multiple sites or geographic regions and with the QoS you demand.

This webinar will address the following questions:

  • What makes deploying real-time communication workloads on a public cloud different from other applications?
  • What benefits and opportunities does the public cloud enable for RTC providers?
  • What is needed to meet the requirements of both providers and consumers of RTC on a public cloud?
  • What does the future hold for RTC on a public cloud?

Delivering Services over a Distributed Access Architecture
Date: 3/21/2019
SCTE Ciena, Viavi Solutions
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Following years of tech trials and pilot deployments, cable operators are starting to deploy distributed access architecture (DAA) techniques for moving legacy headend functions to the access network and expanding the capacity of that network for new, more advanced services. In this session, cable technologists will discuss their latest Remote PHY, Remote MAC/PHY and related moves; the new services they plan to deliver with DAA; and the challenges they must overcome to make DAA a reality.

The Global State of 5G – The Post-MWC Update
Date: 3/20/2019
Viavi Solutions
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In this webinar, Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown, together with invited guest speakers, will review the status of 5G activity worldwide. Drawing on observations from this years’ Mobile World Congress (MWC), they will discuss timelines for commercial launch of 5G and the critical steps needed to scale the technology to the mass market. In terms of services, they will review the latest thinking on advanced 5G use cases.

Securing 5G Networks: Service Provider Perspectives
Date: 3/19/2019
F5, Fortinet, Netnumber, Palo Alto Networks
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The push to commercialize 5G networks is also sharpening the focus on the need to reconsider the security measures that service providers have implemented in their existing mobile networks. And coming to terms with these new requirements is not a trivial feat given how 5G expands service delivery models, introduces a new core reference architecture and even new control plan protocols.

To gain detailed insight on how service providers plan to secure 5G networks, Heavy Reading in collaboration with research partners F5 Networks, Fortinet, NetNumber and Palo Alto Networks launched a comprehensive survey designed to provide a detailed perspective of service provider strategies.

The survey, which attracted input from more than 100 service provider respondents, addressed a broad spectrum of security-related topics including, security service implementation priorities, preferred core architecture, opex and capex implications, as well the value of advanced capabilities that leverage artificial intelligence, control plane interworking and content inspection.

This webinar, moderated by Heavy Reading research lead Jim Hodges with subject matter experts from F5 Networks, Fortinet, NetNumber and Palo Alto Networks, will provide a grounded view of the strategies, timeline and concerns that will ultimately determine the steps service providers will take to secure their 5G networks.

The Role of Sports in the Future of Communications
Date: 3/19/2019
Amdocs and Ovum
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As 5G momentum builds, network operators continue to have to test, prove and demonstrate evolving 5G use cases and capabilities. Meanwhile the complexity of existing networks, and technologies, as well as the complexity of the potential commercial models, make prioritizing 5G investment and integration difficult.

Unique research undertaken by Ovum, in partnership with Amdocs, reveals that, from among a multitude of potential 5G use cases, sports, and more specifically, large-scale sports and esports events, is one of the most compelling 5G use cases for operators today, heavily influencing their nationwide 5G strategies.

Beyond offering the perfect stage for demonstrating 5G network capabilities across design, performance and quality of experience to a global audience, operators also see their involvement with large sports events in the 5G era as providing them with the opportunity to take on a variety of roles beyond the role of the connectivity provider.

Join Ed Barton, Ovum’s Chief Analyst for Entertainment, and Amdocs’ Tomer Gingold and Yogen Patel to learn more about the attractive proposition sports and esports events provide for 5G tests and launches. Understand:

  • how operators are evolving their networks in terms of 5G rollout timelines and network design;
  • when and where they are focusing their 5G trials, and;
  • what they see as their top commercial opportunities and challenges.
The Changing Economics of Service Provider DDoS Scrubbing Services
Date: 3/14/2019
A10 Networks
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Most enterprises don't have the resources or expertise to build and operate their own DDoS defenses. As a result, the door is wide open for communications service providers (CSPs) of all sizes to step up to fill this critical gap for business subscribers. This is because CSPs are already in the direct path of clean and dirty traffic, and are optimally positioned to deal with DDoS attacks instead of simply routing the traffic to an off-net third-party Cloud DDoS scrubbing service.

However, many CSPs are reluctant to build and operate scrubbing services due to large initial capex outlays and the complexity of operating DDoS defense products from legacy vendors. What is needed are modern approaches powered by machine learning that automates defenses and supports broad tenant scale in small form factors that positively change the economics of CSP-delivered DDoS scrubbing services.

Join this webinar and you will learn:

  • How to build profitable SP-delivered DDoS scrubbing services
  • Why your legacy DDoS defense for infrastructure protection won't work for subscriber protection
  • Why offering differentiated services is critical to match your subscribers' risk profiles and budgets
  • How to apply zero-touch automation for faster response, defense in depth coverage and enabling low operating costs

Routing Requirements for the New Provider Edge
Date: 3/14/2019
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Cloud-based applications and increasing traffic at the provider edge are driving major network changes that will require a significant investment from service providers, including:

  • Demand from customers for higher speed connections as cloud and SaaS applications drive more traffic across the network.
  • Architectural changes driven by evolving mobile networks starting with today’s additions of Crosshaul, C-RAN and NFV and continuing with significant 5G investments, such as distributed small cells.
  • New service opportunities from edge computing with standards like MEC and extending to network slicing for IoT, video at the edge and connected cars.

These trends are dramatically changing the volume and nature of traffic on provider networks and creating a new mandate to route traffic as close to the edge as possible.

This webinar will examine these trends and how provider networks will have to evolve to accommodate them. Key questions the webinar will address, include: Should providers continue to invest in legacy routers? Is routing suited to NFV? How can routers be virtualized to meet the changing traffic patterns, economic realities and needed scale of the new provider edge?

Global Seamless Iot Connectivity: The Why, the What and the How
Date: 3/12/2019
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As digital transformation permeates the industry, there is a strong demand for a global connectivity solution. Connected products demand changes in business processes. A combination of solutions satisfy the requirement, and need to be explored.

In this webinar, we will first look at key challenges related to connectivity that enterprises face as they embark on their digital transformation on a global scale. We will then discuss the current solutions that have been tried. In the end, some new approaches such as eSIM will be presented.

Topics that will be addressed in this webinar include:

  • Key Enterprise requirements for global IoT connectivity
  • Current approaches to address these requirements
  • What these approaches lack
  • Analysis of new and upcoming solutions
  • Role of 5G in global IoT connectivity

Virtual Digital Assistants: The Key to Customer Service Automation for CSPs
Date: 3/6/2019
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Consumers dread contacting customer service. They like self service, but only if it actually works. Consumers want more control, more convenience, and they want you to know more about who they are and why they have an issue with you. All of this is especially true of the relationship between consumers and their CSPs. AI-driven virtual digital assistants (VDAs) are beginning to address these challenges for CSPs and also provide cost reductions in the form of human-resource savings. This webinar will examine market drivers and barriers, and the use-case details, including Tractica predictions and forecasts, for customer service-focused VDAs for CSPs.

Live Learning Webinar Series: Rolling out the Fiber, Fiber Deep
Date: 2/21/2019
SCTE, ADTRAN, Corning, Ciena, VIAVI Solutions
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Although top cable technologists stress that the industry's HFC pipes still have plenty of juice left, most cable operators are scrambling to install more fiber in their networks. Whether they're going all-fiber like Altice, embracing Fiber Deep like Comcast and Cox or just splitting more optical nodes, cablecos are deploying more fiber to offer more bandwidth, deliver new services, improve performance and cut operating costs. In this session, we'll look at cable's growing fiber diet, the opportunities that more fiber presents and the challenges involved in upgrading the HFC plant.

Automate to Deliver Consistent Security & Compliance Across Hybrid Environments
Date: 2/20/2019
Red Hat
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Visibility, control, security and maintaining governance and compliance are all critical for managing your infrastructure -- for virtual networking and operations. However, these are becoming more difficult and time consuming as your infrastructure evolves to a mix of bare metal, virtual, cloud and container environments. How can you maintain security, governance, compliance and reduce risk amid this growing complexity?

Red Hat's automated security and compliance solution gives you the tools -- Red Hat Ansible Automation, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Insights and OpenSCAP -- to help you with these challenges.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how these Red Hat technologies can help:

  • Implement a security and compliance automation workflow, such as provisioning security-compliant hosts and maintaining compliance against industry or custom security profiles by automating audit scans and doing controlled remediations of detected issues.
  • Identify and remediate security threats proactively with predictive analytics.
  • Implement both infrastructure and security as code.
  • Automate patch and configuration management for consistency across your environments.
  • Deliver continuous security and monitoring that is centrally managed for your hybrid infrastructure.

Intelligent & Lossless Networks Open the Door for AI
Date: 2/18/2019
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The AI era is coming and the capability of leveraging AI to reshape business models, make decisions and improve customer experiences will become a key driving force -- it is predicted that the AI adoption rate will reach 86% by 2025. AI is also driving the transformation of ICT architecture. Latency bottlenecks force the evolution of network communication from TCP/IP to Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).

Join our webinar to get an understanding of the application workloads and technology trends of data centers in the AI era and how Huawei’s AI Fabric solution is focused on helping IT and businesses become more successful. Learn about the trends, challenges, benefits and proven worldwide customer successes Huawei can offer with its AI Fabric intelligent and lossless data center network solution.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How seizing the opportunities presented by the AI era is the key to staying ahead
  • What new network capabilities AI demands and how they can contribute to your business goals. The RDMA may be the best choice.
  • How Huawei’s AI Fabric focuses on building intelligent and lossless data center networks with zero packet loss, low latency and high throughput network performance
  • How industry’s first data center switch with an embedded AI chip is the key to the network for AI

Breaking Down Barriers Between IT & Network - Your Path to Digital Transformation
Date: 2/14/2019
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You've made a lot of progress. But let's face it – your business operations are only as good as the weakest link between your network and IT. It's time to do things differently. To succeed, it's time to break down the barriers between network and IT to intelligently automate your critical business processes and achieve unprecedented levels of agility, control and adaptation across your network and operations.

Are you ready?

Join Kailem Anderson, vice president of solutions and engineering at Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, and James Crawshaw, senior analyst at Heavy Reading, for an insightful discussion that will look beyond network automation to the transformational benefits that can be realized from the powerhouse combination of network and IT. The end game? Intelligent, closed-loop automation that increases your operational agility to lower costs, while delivering a better customer experience and accelerating top-line revenue growth.

During this webinar, we will explore:

  • The key building blocks of a modernized OSS that breaks down the barriers between network and IT
  • How these components work together to optimize critical business processes and enable intelligent automation
  • Multiple success stories of service providers who have deployed automation across their operations and network infrastructure

Building the Edge - Understanding Distributed Cloud Networking
Date: 2/13/2019
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A number of emerging applications like IoT, VR/AR and AI/ML along with catalyzing technologies like 5G are driving compute and storage resources to move out of centralized locations closer to the end user. One term for this phenomenon is edge compute, but many are, more appropriately, calling this Distributed Cloud, which fuses the attributes of edge compute with an on-demand cloud native consumption model. As software and hardware infrastructure underlying Distributed Cloud becomes geographically dispersed it becomes more costly to deploy and challenging to manage and troubleshoot. Technologies, tools, techniques are required to automate this infrastructure and simplify operations so it does not bury the data center operator.

Join Roz Roseboro, Heavy Reading’s Principal Analyst for Cloud Infrastructure & Management and Mike Capuano, CMO and Alessandro Barberie VP Product Management of Pluribus Networks for a review of the key requirements needed to successfully deploy Distributed Cloud. This webinar will cover the following topics for telco service providers, cable operators, cloud service providers, colocation service providers and enterprises:

  • Is Distributed Cloud the same thing as edge compute?
  • What is the reality and timeline for various Distributed Cloud locations?
  • What does the Ecosystem look like for Distributed Cloud?
  • What are the best networking approaches for Distributed Cloud?
  • How do I navigate the plethora of organizations creating reference designs for edge and Distributed Cloud?

Automate Your Mobile Network Monitoring With Machine Learning
Date: 2/12/2019
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In modern mobile networks, engineers are overwhelmed by a data tsunami that will only get worse as we move into a 5G world. New solutions are required that can enhance operators' ability to analyze network data through the use of machine learning techniques that are capable of automatically identifying network performance issues and suggesting possible remedies. By effectively and automatically analyzing the performance data, configuration parameters and alarm data, engineers will be able to detect network anomalies that current tools cannot. Engineers will gain a much deeper insight into the intrinsic problems that may cause network service issues, enabling them to take proactive measures to prevent these problems from impacting quality of service.

Join this webinar to ask BWTech experts about your own issues and to learn how machine learning can:

  • Generate actionable insights for mobile network optimization.
  • Identify complex network issues that cannot be detected with traditional, rule-based approaches.
  • Enable automatic anomaly detection and early warning on abnormal clusters.
  • Derive smart correlations between parameter settings and network performance, pinpointing patterns and issues that were previously unknown.
  • Automate impact detection, based on changes in network performance, thereby providing instant feedback on optimization activities.

5G and IoT Attack Landscape and Mitigation Strategies – A Front Line Perspective for Service Providers
Date: 2/11/2019
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5G mobile communications is on the horizon, promising amazing speed and performance and spurring the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). The new network architecture also introduces a whole new world of security issues, including attacks on and from IoT devices and attacks on the 5G network. Join Radware’s IOT and service provider experts Pascal Geenens and Louis Scialabba to understand the specific 2019 IOT cyberattack vectors and trends

A New Level of Visibility Across Multicloud Environments and Service Chains
Date: 2/7/2019
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Improved operational efficiency, through automation and cost optimization, is one of the key business drivers for organizations when embracing multicloud environments. This requires the capability to select a cloud that provides optimal cost and still delivers the expected performance. Therefore, successful multi-cloud deployments require capabilities for on-demand and continuous active validation of network and service performance, prior to making optimization decisions. Having the right solution that provides automatable, active testing and monitoring capabilities is crucial.

In this webinar, Heavy Reading's Principal Analyst for Cloud and Infrastructure, Roz Roseboro, moderates a deep dive into the business mechanics of multicloud environments and service chains together with software company Netrounds, led by company Founder & CEO Mats Nordlund and Technical Product Manager Jonas Krogell.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What differentiates active testing solutions from classical passive assurance
  • About the challenges when virtualization makes the network a black box
  • Why existing assurance solutions have limited use in multicloud environments
  • How virtualization enables fully automated and programmable large-scale active testing and monitoring
  • Through a live demonstration of:
    • Achievable network performance in a real multicloud environment
    • Fault sectionalization in a complex service chain
    • Comprehensive end-to-end visibility across network domains and layers

Cut through the hype: Real-world strategies for deploying 5G
Date: 1/30/2019
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While the business realizations of 5G are still on the horizon, readiness strategies for deployment are already underway. Deploying your 5G infrastructure will likely be the most challenging "next-gen" network rollout ever in terms of scale and scope. Compounding these challenges are simultaneous demands to:

  • Rapidly transition to virtualized/cloud-based edge, core and data networks.
  • Develop new, compelling services while preventing revenue and/or time-to-market slowdowns caused by potential network complexities.
  • Protect your network at massive scale, at every layer, and for multiple threats.

F5 has been in the trenches with service providers all over the globe as they prepare their transition to 5G services. Join this webinar to learn about the strategies that the industry's leading service providers are implementing to ensure a successful 5G transformation, including:

  • Optimized virtualization for predictable, linear scaling and effective fault isolation.
  • Multi-Edge Access Computing (MEC) solutions that can enable deployment of differentiated services.
  • Subscriber-aware technologies for security policy implementations.
F5 can help you evolve to 5G at your own pace as you seek to optimize, monetize and secure your network. Register for the webinar today.

5G State-of-the-Industry Webinar Series: Where We are Today & A Look-Ahead to 2019
Date: 1/29/2019
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With the first 5G services now live in North America, and many more scheduled worldwide for 2019, anticipation for 5G is at its height. In this webinar we will take stock of 5G progress to date – in terms of standards, spectrum and services – and look ahead to “at scale” launches in the coming year. Joined by independent guest speakers from network operators, standards groups and industry forums, Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown will lead a discussion that will bring the audience up to speed on 5G progress and provide a view of what to expect in 2019. Our operator guest speaker for this event is Abhi Ingle, SVP, Digital, Distribution & Channel Marketing, AT&T Business who will discuss how 5G can help transform processes and operations across diverse enterprise sectors.

Beachfront Property: How Edge Clouds Will Drive 5G Era Revenue
Date: 1/24/2019
Juniper Networks
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The edge has been a speculative topic for far too long. Service providers have exclusive "beachfront property" in their networks that can be leveraged to drive revenue through innovative service delivery. While edge cloud deployments must align with constrained capital resources by making the most of existing space, compute, power and bandwidth, they have the untapped potential for generating revenue from differentiated capabilities like multicloud connectivity, IoT, video caching, etc. This webinar will explore the specifics of the edge cloud architecture and production-ready deployment strategies that are an imperative part of service provider business models in the 5G era.

Crossing The R-PHY Finish Line – RPU Installation, Cutover and Ongoing Maintenance 
Date: 1/23/2019
VIAVI Solutions
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In the first two installments of this series, we covered R-PHY basics and details about the largely headend-focused Ethernet, Fiber and Transport test processes. Now, in this edition, we will focus on the actual field install/cutover and maintenance aspects that follow. We will discuss Fiber, Ethernet, RF and service test considerations for flawless turn-ups, as well as strategies for retaining critical test and measurement capabilities and standardized processes.

Making Money With Network Slicing
Date: 1/22/2019
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Network Slicing is not a technology, but rather a model for a new kind of business for mobile operators. Inherently disruptive, it is also essential to the tectonic digital shift now underway across all industries. Operators will be at the very centre of this shift, but to reap the rewards and be competitive, they need to embrace the change, lead the way and begin the process of transforming their businesses today.

In this much anticipated webinar, Heavy Reading Principal Analyst for Cloud and Infrastructure Rosalyn Roseboro moderates a deep dive into the business mechanics of Network Slicing with industry luminaries, Cloudstreet, led by company Founder & CEO Mika Skarp, and Marketing Head Brendan Tully Walsh. Solving the slicing conundrum at the point of user demand, the webinar presents a clear path to delivering intelligent, application-aware, predictive QoS prioritized slices as the basis for revenue-generating end-user SLAs.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • About the mechanics of mobile traffic differentiation as the pivot point away from Best Effort
  • How application, user and context aware Network Slicing provides the building blocks for SLA-based business models of the future
  • How to build and validate low barrier network slicing business models one use case at a time
  • How to leverage the power of predictive analytics to drive dynamic Quality of Service improvement and user demand with real world examples including Public Safety, Broadcasting, Online Gaming and Advanced Fixed Wireless

Taming the Home Networking Monster
Date: 1/17/2019
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Now that many of them have rolled out either DOCSIS 3.1 or FTTH networks in their service areas, cable operators are staking their claim in the gigabit market with the capacity to offer blazing speeds of up to 10 Gbps down and at least 1 Gbps up. But as they do so, they are running into a fresh set of challenges, particularly in the home WiFi environment. How can operators manage their new gigabit services to make sure that customers get the speeds and service they're promised? How can they improve the customer's WiFi and mobile experience? In this session, our expert panelists will discuss the early gigabit deployment lessons from the field.

xHaul Transport – Key for new 5G Services
Date: 1/16/2019
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The promise of 5G services is huge. Massively scalable, low-latency enabled applications will open up new ecosystems, business models, and creativity across the enterprise and residential markets in every industry. While industry conversations may revolve around new 5G services, the network plays a fundamental role in delivering them. Attendees of the session will receive a Heavy Reading white paper on the topic written by analyst Sterling Perrin. You will also have access to a recent Cisco-published white paper outlining our strategy for the transport network that will underpin the worldwide adoption of 5G technologies and delivery of applications. Join this session to learn about the technical aspects of the 5G transport network to lay the foundation for deeper dives on the evolution of transport architecture. Recommended for both technical and sales audiences.

How will 5G + AI Transform the Wireless Edge?
Date: 1/15/2019
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Today, we primarily associate intelligence with the cloud, but as we head into the 5G era that will require us to efficiently connect trillions of things, we will need to rethink the way intelligence is scaled. To get to the 5G future that we envision, intelligence, compute, content and more must be distributed to the devices that form the wireless edge. This requires on-device AI capabilities for smartphones, cars, sensors and other connected things, so they can perceive, reason and act on their own. This wireless edge transformation has already begun, and it will bring many societal benefits, ranging from improved driver safety and more personal virtual assistants to superior photography, enhanced security and privacy and more.

Join us for this webinar to learn about the wireless edge transformation and how it will fully unlock 5G's potential.

Accelerating Cloud & Digital Transformation With SD-WAN
Date: 1/10/2019
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SD-WAN is the enabler for enterprises to accelerate their cloud and digital transformation on a day-to-day basis by improving digital connectivity and enhancing the user experiences of cloud-based applications. This webinar explains how Huawei's latest Intent-Driven SD-WAN Solution and next-generation AR series SD-WAN routers can help enterprises in the following:

  • Address their growing bandwidth needs without increasing their bandwidth budget;
  • Take advantage of application-based intelligent traffic steering and WAN optimization technologies to optimize their cloud service experience;
  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to introduce new technologies and services through the deployment of universal CPEs (uCPEs);
  • Build, monitor and intelligently manage international networks; and more.

PoE: Adding Power to (IoT)∞
Date: 12/20/2018
Sterlite Technologies
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As networks get smarter, network infrastructure needs to get simpler. Once IoT applications scale up, the number of connected devices will increase exponentially, making infrastructure provisioning increasingly complex.

The connected world needs a solution that converges power and data infrastructure to cater to triple-play services and power consumption demands of edge network assets. A smart way to do this is to re-engineer category cable design and technical standards for enhanced business and operational performance.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the new buzzword, which will shape the network ecosystem of tomorrow. Tune into this webinar to understand what goes into ensuring increased safety and network longevity for the latest 4-pair PoE system by Sterlite Tech.

In this webinar, Md.Shahid Khan, Chief Technical Manager, Sterlite Tech, explores:
  1. Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards, PoE's implications and benefits over other alternatives
  2. Why PoE is the perfect solution for enabling the IoT ecosystem
  3. PoE use case for LiFi, New WiFi and HDBase-T
  4. Real-life experiments to develop a correlation between data transmission and heat dissipation for a PoE system

Open Domain-Specific Accelerators: What Are They & Why Should They Matter to Cloud & Network Providers?
Date: 12/19/2018
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The end of Moore's Law will increase the use of domain-specific accelerators to meet power-performance requirements in cloud infrastructure, network infrastructure and IoT/wireless edge applications. However, the high cost and complexity of accelerator development is a major factor restraining growth. To meet current and future growth demands, network providers need a more efficient and open approach to satisfy the needs of a wide range of data center applications.

Seven leading companies (Achronix, GlobalFoundries, Kandou, Netronome, NXP, Sarcina and SiFive) have joined forces to form the Open Domain-Specific Accelerator (ODSA) Workgroup. The primary goal of the ODSA Workgroup is to develop an open architecture and related specifications that will enable integration of multi-vendor chiplets to build best-of-breed silicon devices and reduce development and manufacturing costs. On this Light Reading webinar we will address the following:

  • How can cloud and network providers benefit from open domain-specific accelerators?
  • What best-of-breed components such as processors, accelerators, memory and I/O will be addressed in the architecture? Would there be any limitations?
  • What chiplet-based solutions can be supported today?
  • What are the technical and business challenges related to chiplets?
  • How can companies join and contribute to the ODSA Workgroup?

Integration Challenges of Software Defined and Virtualized Enterprise Networking
Date: 12/18/2018
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As Service Providers rush to deploy SD-WAN and NFV services to their enterprise customers, they are typically picking a couple of different CPE platforms, VNFs and SD-WAN partners to work with.

This has created challenges to integrate solutions and other services with their chosen CPE. As they look to increase the number of virtualized network functions in their portfolios they face increasing integration challenges.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • The need to develop more in-house systems integration capabilities or partner with vendors with these integration capabilities
  • How to address the organizational and cultural obstacles to achieve the internal transformations required

Open RAN: What, Why & When?
Date: 12/17/2018
Radisys, Nokia, Cisco, Intel
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The market for radio access network (RAN) equipment is worth at least $30 billion year – and significantly more if passives, civil works and transport are included – with spending concentrated on a handful of large system vendors. Open RAN promises to disrupt this market by making it faster to introduce radio innovation into live networks and faster to create RAN solutions optimized for different use cases and markets. This webinar will provide a read-out of an exclusive new Heavy Reading survey focused on operator attitudes towards Open RAN. With input from more than 100 respondents working at communications service providers, the survey addresses the key topics that define Open RAN, including system integration, disaggregation, virtualization, transport, edge architecture and business drivers. The session will be led by Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown, with expert guest speakers from Cisco, Intel, Nokia and Radisys. Join us to discuss what is fast becoming one of the most important topics on the mobile networking!

More Frills, Less Bills – Creative Monetization for 5G
Date: 12/13/2018
Digital Route
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Service providers (SPs) hope that 5G will create new business opportunities like extreme mobile broadband, IoT, mission-critical control applications and fixed wireless access. What SPs need to compete with OTT rivals and to remain relevant in the 21st century is to collect data to enable a multiplicity of consumption models including one-off purchases, subscriptions, PAYG, bundles, split subscriptions and partner settlements. 5G used in a smart way will enable service providers to reclaim value-added services rather than act as a bit-pipe. The move towards the network as an agile service platform enables totally new customer engagement models and pricing models.

The dynamic nature of the 5G network with context and QoS awareness opens up a platform for on-demand creativity both for the service provider and for the SP customer. The network has become the agile service platform, no longer the static service of the past.

Service providers need to take the next step in using smart and flexible subscription models. This approach allows customers to control usage in real time, order a new service with guaranteed QoS, try before they buy, see their bill go down if there are mosaic patterns on video, and all be done in real time. 5G also opens the door to shared networks between the providers enabling new business models.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What new business opportunities are opening up for service providers in the subscription economy?
  • What data sources can be harvested to tap these opportunities?
  • How can usage data can be cleaned, processed, and correlated with a specific customer in real time to enable these new business models?
  • What analytics are required to get the necessary insights for personalized, consumption-based offers, products and pricing?

5G Security: A New Approach Is Needed
Date: 12/10/2018
Palo Alto Networks
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5G promises transformative mobility by offering enhanced mobile broadband experience and enabling industrial digitalization through customer value creation. As service providers rapidly evolve to build out 5G pilot trials and commercialization plans, they are grappling with a different cyber threat landscape that could compromise their networks and subscribers, and significantly impact their 5G business plans.

In this webinar, we will first look at key challenges that service providers face as they embark on their "next evolution" – the journey to 5G. We will then discuss the context-driven security requirements for the 5G evolution, focusing on the importance of enabling a prevention-oriented and highly automated security posture across 5G networks that delivers predictable performance. With 5G business models centered around transformational vertical industry services, we will also discuss how service providers can step up their 5G value proposition and become differentiated secure business enablers.

Topics that will be addressed in this webinar include:

  • Evolving security landscape in the 5G/IoT era
  • Differentiators to 5G adoption
  • What's different about 5G in regards to security?
  • A new approach to securing 5G

Scaling Next-Generation Fiber Services: What’s holding CSPs back and what’s needed for success
Date: 12/6/2018
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More than ever, service providers are deploying fiber to meet the growing customer demand for next-generation all-IP services. In fact, recent industry research indicates that 90% of global service providers are now investing in fiber as a top business priority to boost network performance and offer new gigabit services to customers. Yet, what should also be considered is the impact that this fiber diet will have on service providers' BSS/OSS systems and their ability to deploy new gigabit services.

Whether it's taking an OSS retrofit or new stack approach, ensuring the seamless integration of new fiber network infrastructure and business process flows with operational support systems is critical to the success of an operator's fiber journey. This webinar will delve into the findings from new fiber market research conducted by Incognito and Heavy Reading, the challenges that service providers face in scaling fiber-based services, the impact that deploying IP-based services over fiber will have on back-office systems, and the tools that providers need for success.

How to Build an Efficient Campus Network to Drive Business Innovations in Retail & Manufacturing Industries
Date: 12/5/2018
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Today’s retail industry is undergoing tremendous changes to its operating models. Retailers are expanding in scale and retail chains are becoming the norm. In the face of fierce competition, retailers are tasked with adjusting their business models and, more importantly, are expected to bolster their operations with cutting-edge information technology. Huawei's retail-tailored solution makes the most of the latest WiFi technologies and brings tangible benefits to the retail industry. Typical outcomes include full network coverage for diverse transaction scenarios, an improved shopping experience, enhanced customer loyalty, and fast network deployment for ultra-large chain retailers through zero-touch deployment.

We invite you to join our webinar on December 5 to learn about the latest updates and practices on Huawei's campus network solutions, which are tailored to the needs of the retail and manufacturing industries. In this webinar, we will discuss how to:

  1. Quickly deploy networks for chain enterprises that have a large number of branches geographically located in different places.
  2. Carry out professional WiFi network management if engineers have poor network-related technical skills.
  3. Fully meet new network buildout or reconstruction needs of hundreds of stores in the future despite a limited number of network management experts.
  4. How to maximize WiFi networks to analyze customer segments and increase sales revenue.
  5. Quickly deploy network services for retail enterprises (a European top 3 retail giant will be used as an example).

Please note this webinar will be presented in Spanish.

5G Performance Monitoring: Using the Network Edge for Competitive Advantage
Date: 12/4/2018
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In Heavy Reading's recent 5G survey, sponsored by Accedian, more than 80% of mobile operators say 5G is either their top or top-five priority, closely followed by virtualized network functions and software-defined networks for efficiency and cost reasons. At the same time, operators need to transform operations by automating service provisioning, testing and management and using real-time insight from analytics and machine learning to manage performance and customer experience.

The 5G services that will actually make operators money – beyond the promise of speed – are still being worked out. But one certainty is the need to manage more data, different traffic types and a diverse set of applications and services, including guarantees to enterprises that their slice of network connectivity will perform. If 5G services are to thrive, operators will need to get full control over network and application performance to assure the customer experience.

Please join Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst at Heavy Reading, and Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Accedian, who will present the survey results, discuss the current state of 5G, considerations for managing "business-critical" applications and network slices, and enabling 5G as a mobile cloud platform that can deliver applications with performance guarantees.

Serial 100G – A Forerunner to the Networks of Tomorrow
Date: 11/29/2018
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Today's optical module providers are under tremendous pressure to enable hyperscale data center customers with faster connectivity solutions at volume scale. 100 Gigabit Ethernet will continue to be a cornerstone as the industry drives to lower the cost and increase the density of these connections. The seemingly unending lifespan for 100 Gbps links is only further accelerating its proliferation. Multi-lane approaches to achieve 100 Gbps are not naturally compatible with emerging switch ASICs employing 50 Gbps I/O, and 400 Gbps breakout applications requiring 4 x 100 Gbps. A serial solution is pivotal in the evolution of 100 Gbps networking because it achieves the lowest cost, highest density and provides a forward-compatible electrical and optical interface for many years to come. Learn how MACOM is on the forefront of delivering single-lane 100 Gbps solutions which meet the challenges of today while preparing for the networks of the future.

5G Expectations Still Evolving With a Global Twist
Date: 11/29/2018
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What makes 5G different from all other Gs? After efforts to develop specifications, technology and research, the industry has an initial view of how the next generation of 5G services will look. What's still unknown is just how great will be 5G's global impact. According to a recent Heavy Reading Operator Survey, there are striking differences between the US and the rest of the world (RoW) when it comes to 5G expectations. A majority (52%) of US respondents believe that "faster end-user speeds" will be the biggest benefit over the next five years, while 41% of RoW respondents identified "new services and eco-system expansion" as being the primary commercial benefit over the same timeframe.

Join us for an interactive discussion of the near-term benefits and long-term potential for 5G and the wireless industry to deliver new services and connected experiences for businesses, consumers and society.

Transatlantic Optical Transmission With 16QAM
Date: 11/27/2018
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Subsea transmission capacity is growing at a dramatic rate – with analyst firm Telegeography forecasting a compound growth rate of 46% between 2017 and 2024. Much of this demand is driven by Internet content providers (ICPs). On Transatlantic routes, for example, ICP demand exceeded Internet bandwidth for the first time in 2014, and in 2017, ICP bandwidth accounted for the majority of overall international bandwidth usage.

Extracting the maximum capacity from trans-oceanic cables is, therefore, paramount in importance. This webinar tells the story of the world's first transatlantic transmission using 16QAM modulation across the entire C-Band spectrum, with production equipment and commercial transmission margins.


We look at the following issues:

  • Why is ICP subsea demand growing so quickly?
  • What are the technologies used to achieve successful 16QAM transmission over this distance?
  • How much capacity can we extract from subsea cables, and what is the next miracle technology?

DAA - Headend Considerations Before the First Remote Unit is Turned Up
Date: 11/27/2018
VIAVI Solutions
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There has been much discussion about the turn-up process for the actual distributed access nodes and what can go wrong at this step. But what has been conspicuously absent is dialogue about the preparation required in the headend and transport network. Much of the complexity (and challenges) in DAA deployments come from re-architecting the headend/hub and transport network before the first field DAA unit is ever turned up. The challenges in these areas are both technical and organizational – it is not always well thought out who owns the issues with the new interfaces that Distributed Access Architecture brings. In this session, we will go over a few architecture options in play today and focus on the crucial fiber and transport areas, including fiber characterization and testing, Ethernet testing (including PTP timing) and recommended service testing.

Enabling the Virtualized Edge with Smart NIC Data Acceleration
Date: 11/20/2018
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The network edge provides a dramatic opportunity for NFV deployment, as communications service providers rapidly convert their existing edge infrastructure to mini virtualized data centers, and as cloud providers extend their reach closer to end users. This presentation will describe this burgeoning market, explain the fundamental challenges, and review the various open source and standardization projects in this area. We will then introduce Smart NICs and show how Smart NICs using FPGAs that offer affordable, programmable, hardware-based acceleration, provide an ideal solution for this growing market segment. On this Light Reading webinar, we will address the following:

  • What is the virtualized edge, and what are telcos and cloud providers doing in this space?
  • The unique requirements of the virtualized edge
  • Lessons learned from Microsoft Azure’s experience with Smart NICs
  • How Smart NICs accelerate both NFVi and various VNFs at the edge using SR-IOV
  • Why FPGA-based Smart NICs are best suited to address the challenges of the virtualized edge

Cellular IoT: A Consensus Around Leadership Emerging
Date: 11/14/2018
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With the initial launch of some 5G services, the evolution of some key standards and the emerging clarity of various business use cases, the long-awaited IoT market is beginning to ramp. One of the key questions is which access technologies will find favor? Some recent studies, including a global survey by Heavy Reading, are pointing to cellular technologies – especially LTE-M, 5G and NB-IoT – as the market leaders. In this webinar, analyst Steve Bell will be joined by Chordant’s Vice President of Product Development, Mike Jeronis and Telit’s Vice President of Application Engineering, Kenneth Bednasz to examine the drivers behind that finding, and what it means for the future of IoT.

Network and Service Assurance Optimization With Machine Learning
Date: 11/14/2018
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Artificial Intelligence applications, particularly those based on Machine Learning, are beginning to emerge in the communications networking domain to address the operational challenges posed by SDN and NFV. Increased complexity is driving the need for increased automation to ensure efficient operations. ML can enable higher levels of automation and make predictions for maintenance and capacity planning.

ML could support network operators to detect faults in real time, diagnose root causes, correlate across multiple events, filter out false alarms, and recommend solutions. Although some of these capabilities are built into existing service assurance solutions, these may struggle with the advent of 5G and IoT. Traditional rule-based alarm correlation requires a lot of manual rule maintenance. With ML we could instead train a system to devise its own rules on the fly.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why traditional rule-based systems will not be able to scale to meet increasingly complex networks.
  • How ML can be used to filter alarms based on clustering and classification.
  • How ML can enable ongoing recalculation of baseline metrics in order to better identify anomalies and avoid false negatives.
  • How ML can contribute to open loop automation (where humans remain in control), semi-closed-loop automation (where ML makes recommendations), and closed loop automation (zero touch).
  • How to address the black box “syndrome” and auditability challenge of ML-based decisions.
  • Why ML-based analytics need to serve multiple personas within the organization across customer experience, service operations, product management, OSS and IT.
  • What are the key elements to a successful application of ML in networking (data quality, adaptation of business processes, etc.).

Enterprise Trends Drive New Requirements for SD-WAN
Date: 11/13/2018
128 Technology
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Join Sterling Perrin, Principal Analyst at Heavy Reading, and Dr. Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President of Product Management at 128 Technology, to discuss:

  • Results of the Light Reading SD-WAN survey
  • Potential new SD-WAN network requirements generated by the survey results
  • The role of segment routing in SD-WAN

Register for this webinar to explore emerging SD-WAN strategies and an innovative SD-WAN solution from 128 Technology

Enhancing Customer Experience through Automation
Date: 11/13/2018
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This webinar will focus on the role of network automation, from the core to the edge, including access and aggregation networks. It will be presented by Carl Moberg, the engineering strategy lead for Cisco Network Services Orchestrator, the industry-leading software for automating service delivery across traditional and virtualized networks. Carl has spent many years trying to solve network management problems with special focus on automation and orchestration. In this webinar he will cover service delivery through the use of streaming telemetry and data models that express service intent.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How these automation technologies have been successfully applied in live networks
  • How to improve your service delivery times
  • The key takeaways from the Light Reading’s London event (Nov 7-8) – Software Defined Operations & the Autonomous Network – where Carl Moberg will be the keynote speaker

Managing Portfolio Inventory Data with a New Approach
Date: 11/9/2018
Sigma Systems
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Customer portfolio data is the record of what products, services and resources you have allocated to your customer. For communications service providers, customer portfolio data is often managed poorly, if at all. This is a major contributor to high levels of order fallout and, as a result, costly manual intervention and a degraded customer experience. By deploying a unified and centralized inventory of customer portfolio data, CSPs can automate more orders and spend less time manually fixing errors that occur during fulfillment.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How industry leaders see inventory applications evolving as CSPs embrace digitalization
  • How current management of customer portfolio data is negatively impacting customer experience
  • What new approaches are being applied to improve the management of customer portfolio data
  • How customer portfolio data can be leveraged to reduce fulfillment costs, improve the customer experience and unleash new commercial possibilities

The Next Frontier – From Communication Service Provider to Digital Service Provider
Date: 11/8/2018
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Digital transformation has become a core priority for communications services providers (CSPs), underpinning an increasing proportion of their investment decisions as they seek to shift to more digitally-focused operating models. However, CSPs are struggling to understand which technologies to prioritize, as well as how to align these with the business outcomes they are seeking to deliver. This webinar explores the platforms, processes and strategies European CSPs need to adopt to make digital transformation a reality.

Topics include:

  • What are the drivers and benefits of digital transformation?
  • What are the technology priorities for a successful transformation?
  • The increasing importance of automation
  • A snapshot of where European CSPs are on their digital transformation journey
  • How European CSPs are struggling to deliver on their technology priorities
  • What are the main challenges CSPs need to address?
  • How should CSPs navigate their way on this journey?

The webinar will share insights from new research conducted by Ovum into European CSPs’ digital transformation journey. To learn more about this, including best practice and what CSPs are doing to transform themselves into digital service providers, watch out for the "The Next Frontier – from Communications Service Provider to Digital Service Provider" whitepaper being published soon.

Enabling Digital Business: Building an Experience-Centric Wi-Fi 5 & 6 Network
Date: 11/7/2018
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As we move towards a smart world where everything is connected, not only is WiFi the basis for the Internet of Everything, connecting people, things and locations together, it is also the driving force for the digital transformation of enterprise, government, education, retail and many other industries. For this reason, service requirements and access terminals are increasing in number, and there are a growing number of application scenarios. In different scenarios, requirements for WiFi coverage and access capability vary, as do requirements for application expansion and O&M. We invite you to sign up for the wireless campus webinar on November 7, where WLAN products, deployment and O&M in all scenarios are to be introduced and valuable insights shared.

The webinar includes the following:

  • Guidance of design and deployment of WLAN solutions for scenarios such as offices, hotels, retail, education and stadiums.
  • How does Huawei CloudCampus solution help you deploy a wireless campus network within minutes?
  • What advanced WLAN technologies do you need to know about to deliver an ultra-smooth user experience?
  • Introduction to Huawei’s latest WLAN 802.11ac Wave 2 and 802.11ax products.

Why IPTV and App-based TV Make Sense for Video Operators
Date: 11/1/2018
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Not all market disruption is bad. Learn how two independent video operators – MCTV (Massillon) and HBC (Hiawatha Broadband Communications) – are leveraging IPTV technology and business models to make their video services thrive. In this session, executives from MCTV, HBC and Espial will discuss the video investment dilemma, IPTV and app-based TV. Listen in and reclaim your natural advantage in the video market by pursuing continuous innovation in your video offerings.

In this webinar, Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader at Light Reading, will speak with MCTV, HBC and Espial executives about the following:

  • What are the video investment dilemmas and choices that video operators face?
  • Why did MCTV and HBC choose IPTV solutions that reduced their total cost of ownership?
  • How did these operators innovate on business models to make their video services thrive?
  • Is it more expensive to do nothing – a TCO model that says it is?
  • Can TV-as-a-service (TVaaS) help change the game?

How Network Slicing, Microservices & Open Source Technologies Will Make 5G Services Profitable
Date: 10/30/2018
Red Hat
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Get ahead of the curve. With many communications service providers beginning their journey to 5G, Red Hat and Affirmed are accelerating customers' transformation of their mobile networks. During this webinar, you will learn how operators are transitioning to virtualized, cloud-native architectures to scale their networks and provide the necessary service agility to introduce new 5G services. Together, we offer options to maintain control over the costs of your existing and new capex/opex investments. You will learn about how 5G is changing the way applications are designed and deployed and the role of microservices, containers and open source technologies. Find out how to get started today, regardless of where you are in your transformation journey, and how these technologies that disrupt the industry status quo can help your competitive differentiation.

The Journey To Achieving Visibility In A Virtualized Network
Date: 10/25/2018
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When Three UK decided to virtualize its entire core network, they knew it also meant changing the way customer services were assured. In a highly competitive market, being able to reduce customer churn and attract new customers is both challenging and crucial. Add in the shift to cloud and virtual networking, and you find yourself entering unchartered territory. As a European carrier looking to fully virtualize its network, Three UK broke new ground and crafted innovative solutions on the fly. This webinar examines how Three UK successfully achieved its initiatives with EXFO's expertise in testing, monitoring and analytics to develop a fully virtualized service assurance solution that delivered true visibility into the virtualized world.

Tackling New Assurance, Test Challenges In 5G
Date: 10/24/2018
VIAVI Solutions; Spirent
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5G will transform our world. But as we rush to make 5G possible, everything will change – new devices, antennas, chipsets, frequencies, architectures, KPIs — leading to unprecedented complexity. When complexity collides with urgency, test and assurance is critical. Join us in this co-sponsored webinar with Spirent and VIAVI. VIAVI will discuss the fact that 5G will be more about business outcomes than technical architectures, opening up new revenue streams for operators. To reach that point, 5G will follow a path of three phases: 1) Technology verification and validation; 2) Deploy, activate and scale; and 3) Assure, optimize and monetize. Then learn from Spirent how new test methodologies and harmonizing test and service assurance across the DevOps lifecycle help assure the communications industry fulfills its promise of quickly and safely launching 5G to deliver new revenues, savings and experiences to its customers.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Three Intent-Driven Campus Networking Innovations
Date: 10/24/2018
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As enterprises look to accelerate the digitalization of office and production environments, they are facing three core challenges in terms of enterprise efficiency and digital experience.

First, due to the ever-growing use of mobile office and audio/video applications, user complaints about WiFi instability are becoming more frequent. Second, network administrators are unable to backtrace and demarcate user- and application-related faults. Third, the amount of encrypted traffic such as HTTPS has increased dramatically, and attackers can exploit this traffic to evade traditional detection.

To help address these challenges, Huawei has announced its next-generation Intent-Driven CloudCampus Solution, which builds on Huawei's latest Intent-Driven Network (IDN) architecture and comes with many innovations. In this webinar, we will show you:

  • How to implement fault prediction and self-healing of wired and wireless networks by using the AI technology in order to build a more intelligent network
  • How to simplify midsize, large, and multi-branch campus network deployment and management through network virtualization and cloud technologies so as to build a more simplified network
  • How to improve the WLAN network capacity and experience through SmartRadio to efficiently respond to challenges brought by fast-growing 4K video, Virtual Reality (VR) applications, and Connectivity of Everything
  • How to provide customers with faster industry application rollouts, shorten Time-To-Market (TTM) from months to weeks, and build an open network

The Future Is Configurable: The Evolution of VNF Management
Date: 10/23/2018
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VNF managers (VNFMs) have been an essential component of any virtualized cloud from day one. Although this won't change in the future, as the past few years have illustrated virtualized service instances are no longer bound by any perimeters and will continue to adopt a fully decentralized architecture.

In response, VNFMs are continuing to evolve to support not only edge services but more "service aware" networks that ultimately mandate a flexible and programmable VNFM product design.

Accordingly, this webinar will examine in detail how VNFMs are changing to adapt to these new service requirements by supporting advanced capabilities such as configurable capacity, which represents the optimal approach for scaling individual service instances.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Documenting in detail configurable capacity, what it is and why it's important
  • Presenting the use cases that are driving the implementation of a configurable capacity-enabled VNFM
  • Analyzing the role of other complementary capabilities including modeling tools such as TOSCA that VNFMs will require to thrive in this emerging service-aware world
  • Considering the security requirements inherent with an edge service architecture
  • An overview of F5's NFV and VNFM portfolio and product development strategyc

Your 5G Network needs 5G Transport
Date: 10/23/2018
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5G is a game changer. The move to 5G will result in a set of diverse transport requirements driven by new use cases and the expectation of high-capacity, low-latency, reliable and secure communications. As the traditional distributed Radio Access Network (RAN) site disaggregates, the glue holding the 5G RAN together is the underlying transport network. A number of architectures are proposed, including distributed RAN (D-RAN), centralized RAN (C-RAN), virtualized RAN (V-RAN) and elastic RAN (E-RAN). On this Light Reading webinar, we will address the following:

  • How do these different 5G architectures impact the underlying transport network?
  • How do new 5G requirements affect the transport network, including new protocols, synchronization, large buffer size, automation and others?
  • How can operators complement fiber with high-capacity microwave for both urban and rural applications?
  • What can operators do today to address these changing requirements on transport and win the 5G race?

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