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DOShea 12/31/2013 | 4:27:18 PM
Re: What's in a name? Don't forget the new LR event:

MANO Live!
DanJones 12/31/2013 | 4:13:50 PM
Re: What's in a name? Or for the James Brown fans:


This is a MANO, MANO, MANO World (But it would be nothing with a network or a cloud).
DanJones 12/31/2013 | 4:12:05 PM
Re: What's in a name? MANO WAR!


Then we get the cheesy heavy metal reference.
DOShea 12/31/2013 | 4:03:53 PM
Re: What's in a name? Headline I'd most like to see in 2014 to describe competition in this segment:

Mano a mano over MANO
DanJones 12/31/2013 | 2:41:50 PM
Re: Another surprise - backhaul Well, carriers that talk about are looking to get people off DSL so they can shut down that expense. I still wouldn't be expecting great LTE service in the really rural parts of the US, that's why people are experimenting with White Spaces and more.
Carol Wilson 12/31/2013 | 2:33:38 PM
Re: Another surprise - backhaul Yeah, I'm always a bit amazed when people talk about LTE as a broadband option for rural areas, when the backhaul solutions in their areas are often scarce. 
DanJones 12/31/2013 | 2:24:28 PM
What's in a name? Mano is already a famous Bollywood singer:

DanJones 12/31/2013 | 2:11:01 PM
Re: Another surprise - backhaul There's still plenty of rural backhaul in the US to be served,  may not be as much drive to do that though.
DanJones 12/31/2013 | 1:38:16 PM
Re: Bubblicious Well, people seemed fascinated with the idea that they could compete with network TV and cable, no doubt the novelty will wear off.
mendyk 12/31/2013 | 1:03:52 PM
Bubblicious I'm surprised that Netflix's share price hit the exosphere this year in large part because of ... Kevin Spacey. Speculative bubbles continue to abound -- a sign that all the technology in the world won't really change human nature all that much. 
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