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Dish Network: The edge is 'everywhere'

Dish Network's Marc Rouanne said the company is working to design its coming 5G network so that customers can run network services wherever they wish.

GOP to Trump: Please don't nationalize 5G

An obscure Request For Information from the US Department of Defense has again set off alarms that President Trump is considering a nationalized 5G network.

France emerges as Europe's 5G laggard

Prices are high just two days into the country's 5G auction, and France already falls way behind other major European economies on 5G readiness.

NTT Docomo cracks open 5G fronthaul for carrier aggregation

Japanese operator demos 'multi-vendor' trial, using O-RAN fronthaul specs, with Fujitsu and NEC.

Video strategies vary widely among indie operators

Some still see video as an important piece, while others are extracting themselves from the business to leave the mess of rocketing programming rates to OTT-TV providers.

Germany stops short of Huawei ban, but raises bar to entry

Germany looks set to strangle the China-based supplier in red tape as scrutiny is extended to the 5G RAN.

In race to V2X, wireless industry resurrects Chinese boogeyman

The US wireless industry is rallying around the C-V2X standard for car-to-car communications, and is warning that China could dominate the market if action isn't taken.

Eurobites: French 5G auction hits €2.4B

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson uses 5G for remote coronavirus testing; EU could make tech titans share customer data with smaller rivals; Switzerland, UK lead European 5G charge.

Rakuten is off to a slow 5G start

The service announced today looks slower than many had hoped, will not be widely available and brings little in the way of device choice or new features.

AT&T's Igal Elbaz: The advantages of a standalone 5G core

Igal Elbaz, AT&T's SVP of wireless and access technology, said AT&T would work on 'scaling' the standalone 5G technology throughout 2021.

Microsoft raises the stakes in telecom fight against AWS and Google

The software giant must persuade operators to entrust some of their most valuable systems to its public cloud.

Musk makes Starlink IPO guarantee to small investors

But they'll have to wait. If a listing does happen it won't be for at least 'several years.'

NTT to reacquire DoCoMo for hefty $38B

NTT will pay 4.3 trillion yen ($38B), a 41% premium, to bring DoCoMo back in-house, the largest such deal in Japan.

Huawei mopping up stakes in domestic chip suppliers – report

Chinese vendor's Habo Investment arm is said to have acquired stakes in 17 local chip companies in the past year.

Eurobites: Finland's Elisa extends 5G partnership with Ericsson

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange trials private network with Schneider Electric, launches $30 smartphone in Africa; Proximus reaches Ostend with its fiber rollout; Google still dominates the price-comparison market in Europe.

Nokia lands 5G deal with BT to start replacing Huawei

The Finnish vendor scores one of its most important European deals yet with the UK's biggest operator.

Rogers pledges to plow $3B into Quebec, retain Cogeco brand

Proposed five-year financial plan includes accelerated 5G coverage and $1.5 billion in network investments. Rogers has also promised to keep Cogeco's headquarters in Montreal.

Courtroom drama keeps TikTok in Apple and Google app stores

Late Sunday night, TikTok received a reprieve when a federal judge blocked a Trump order for Apple and Google to remove it from their US app stores.

COVID-19 accelerates race to the cloud – report

Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and more are all benefiting from the enforced need to stay at home.

India considers appealing Hague order in Vodafone tax row

Despite the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling retrospective tax laws unfairly penalized the telecoms giant, the Indian government may still appeal.

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