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Assessing Digital Telco Maturity Levels
Date: 4/2/2020 9:00 a.m. London
Whale Cloud
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Digital transformation has become a necessity for service providers, driven by the market impact of internet content providers (ICPs) and web-scale players. Service providers are pursuing digital transformation, driven by the need to reduce operational cost, improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and enable innovation. To do this they are leveraging a wide range of digital technologies that support improved customer experience, diversify revenue streams through vertical innovation, deliver operational excellence, and support all of these through a unified technology framework. Implementing such a long list of technology changes across multiple domains will be challenging, but it is essential if service providers are to keep up with their fast-moving digital and web-scale peers.

This webinar will bring to you:

  • Key findings of the latest study conducted by Omdia (formerly known as Ovum) on digital telco transformation. This includes a global survey of senior decision-makers in network, IT, and other key functions within service providers, exploring what is driving this digital transformation and which technology areas are being targeted by service providers.
  • Introduction to a Whale Cloud- crafted holistic digital telco transformation toolkit, that includes DTMM (Digital Telco Maturity Map), SOP (Standard Operating Process) and Metrics, to help communication service providers (CSPs) to catalyze their digital transformation.

Monetizing Enterprise Connectivity Services to Achieve New B2B Growth
Date: 4/7/2020 9.00 a.m. London
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Enterprise connectivity service plays a key role in operator B2B growth.

Successfully competing within the market requires continued efforts from network service providers to engage with their customers on completely new levels.

The current state of service providers' portfolios is very dynamic and innovative, and the purpose of this webinar is to inform enterprises and operators about the latest industry trends and innovations.

Operators can leverage the knowledge from this webinar to evaluate and compare platforms, services and features offered by the market, to inspire new ideas in order to boost connectivity services growth.

Register to learn more about:

  • Latest industry trends and innovations
  • What new trends and innovations mean for operators and how to stay ahead
  • Why enterprise connectivity services are vital to boosting B2B growth
  • Key knowledge to evaluate future growth and ideas

How to Avoid Turning Mass Fiber Deployments into an OPEX Vortex
Date: 4/8/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
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This session will challenge current testing approaches and expose their shortcomings as service providers deploy many more fiber links in preparation for 5G rollouts. The evolution of the networks requires revised methods and procedures to keep service providers and their contractors efficient and profitable. Learn how a simple proactive change can make or break your business.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The fiber optic challenges you will be facing
  • How yesterday’s testing methods cannot meet the demands of tomorrow’s networks
  • How simple and easy steps by the techs can save big sums
  • Current Security Case Studies in 5G/IoT and MSSP
    Date: 4/9/2020 10:00 am New York / 3:00 pm London
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    Join us as Mike O’Malley , VP of Strategy at Radware, and Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst at Heavy Reading, discuss two current case studies in Tier 1 service providers looking at two things: a) state-of-the-art 5G/IoT protection; and b) becoming a managed security service provider (MSSP).

    Attendees will learn about the new landscape and new threats associated with 5G/IoT and understand how one large carrier plans to combat those threats. In addition, attendees will understand the opportunity and business case behind service providers offering new managed security services for enterprise customers and how another large Tier 1 carrier is delivering those services. Finally, attendees will be introduced to additional resources available from Heavy Reading and Radware to better understand these two emerging security use cases.

    5G Is Redefining Transport Networks – Are You on Board?
    Date: 4/15/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
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    Whatever the level of speed, latency or throughput demanded, the transport network is the bedrock upon which 5G networks are being built – powering the movement of all that data across fiber optic connections. And all the new 5G requirements will have a direct impact on the transport network. From the core to the radio unit, 5G demands a tight link between all transport network resources – even more than in previous generations of network technology. Expectations are high that this unprecedented transformation of the transport network be done right. In this exclusive webinar, Colt Technology Services, EXFO and Light Reading will delve into the key 5G requirements that will affect the deployment of the technology, including:

    • More fiber links between access points and backhaul networks – and what this means for 5G transport
    • Higher bandwidth and new synchronization requirements
    • Preparing for lower latency, network slicing and edge computing
    • Potential impact of private cellular on backhaul connectivity
    • Faster and more efficient fronthaul connections (eCPRI)
    • More granularity in the distribution of network functions (CU, DU, RU)
    • Testing considerations to efficiently manage and maintain 5G rollouts and deliver the stringent QoS performance results
    Join us for this webinar to learn more about the transport network's changing requirements as the race to 5G heats up.

    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Playing with PON
    Date: 4/16/2020 11:00 a.m New York / 4:00 p.m.London
    VIAVI, Intraway, Corning, Intel
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    Even though DOCSIS may still have a long life ahead of it, PON is rapidly emerging as an important alternative transmission technology for cable operators as they install more fiber lines. Whether they are leveraging EPON, GPON, 10G EPON or the other various PON flavors, cablecos and vendors are increasingly deploying PON to meet their customers' bandwidth needs. How is the industry leveraging the different PONs? What are the requirements for deploying the technology? How can operators and vendors mesh PON and DOCSIS? This webinar will tackle questions like these and more.
    400G Pluggable Coherent Optics – Accelerating Validation and Deployment
    Date: 4/22/2020 11.00 a.m. New York / 4.00 p.m. London
    VIAVI Solutions
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    In this webinar, we will discuss the range of challenges – from photonic layer through host module management – that all need to be brought up to allow a widescale and painless deployment of 400G-class pluggable coherent modules.

    Coherent optics have played a major role in DWDM transport and have been used in closed, engineered links. The emergence of pluggable digital coherent optics (DCO) is creating a more open and multi-vendor system. In this open, multi-vendor ecosystem, the demands and directions for test, validation and troubleshooting are significant. Though this started with 100G in CFP, we now see a significant ramp-up for 400G class modules with a broad range of applications, from DCI through classic DWDM transport.

    Anyone interested in learning more about 400G validation and deployment should attend, including IC companies, module vendors, optical systems companies and service providers.

    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Smart Pipes, Smarter Cities
    Date: 5/21/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
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    As more and more cities move to improve service delivery and streamline operations by adopting Internet of things (IoT) technologies, a large new market is emerging for cable operators and vendors who can supply the equipment and software to support these next-gen applications. Whether the cities want to implement smart traffic lighting, smart parking, smart trash pickups, smart water meters or the like, they all require smart transmission pipes that deliver more broadband capacity than ever before. In this webinar, we will look at how cable operators and their tech partners are maneuvering to offer those smart pipes, the services they're offering, the challenges they're encountering and the lessons they're learning.
    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Tapping Into the Cloud
    Date: 6/18/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
    Red Hat, Harmonic, Intraway, Intel
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    Despite getting off to a relatively late start, the cable industry is now ardently pursuing a software-based strategy, seeking to shift various functions and services to the cloud. So far, operators and vendors are focusing on moving key functions of network firewalls, routers, set-top boxes and even CMTS chasses to the cloud as they look to boost their capacity, scale their operations, increase their network efficiencies and roll out new services. This session will explore cable's cloud strategy, look at where those efforts may lead and assess what the industry still needs to do.
    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: 10G vs. 5G
    Date: 7/16/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
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    Over the last couple of years, cable operators have embraced mobile as a key part of their product bundles. In the U.S., for instance, Comcast, Charter and Altice have all launched MVNOs with either Verizon or Sprint/T-Mobile. But now, with the rollout of fifth-generation wireless technology, the big question is whether cablecos can use their bold 10 Gigabit broadband initiative to trump or leverage 5G or will lose out to telcos harnessing the technology to deliver competitive services. In this session, we will focus on the opportunities and challenges that 5G presents for the cable industry as it pursues its 10G ambitions.
    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Closing the GAP on GAP
    Date: 8/20/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
    Antronix, Intel
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    Under an evolving SCTE/ISBE standard known as the Generic Access Platform (GAP), cable technologists are now working on a fiber-optic node initiative that will standardize the node housings and the interfaces for various service modules that can be plugged into the node like Lego bricks. Rather than having to deploy or rip down discrete, proprietary nodes from various vendors for FTTP, DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi, 5G, wireless backhaul and so on, cable operators could instead snap in one standardized node housing or discard the modules as needed. This webinar will look at the emerging GAP standard, the promise that the modular node initiative offers, the initial use cases for it and the hurdles that still must be overcome.
    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Getting Ready for DOCSIS 4.0
    Date: 9/17/2020 11:00 a.m New York./4:00 p.m.London
    Antronix, Red Hat, Corning
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    Now that DOCSIS 3.1 is almost universally deployed, cable technologists are rolling up their sleeves again to craft yet another next-gen version of DOCSIS. Known as DOCSIS 4.0, this emerging set of specs will incorporate the features of both Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD), giving cable operators two different but complementary options for expanding their bandwidth capacity and delivering symmetrical speeds of 25 Gbps or more to broadband subscribers. In this session, we will delve into the details of DOCSIS 4.0, review the status of the emerging specs, discuss upcoming tests and trials and explore what the new specs will enable.
    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Virtualizing the Cable Access Network
    Date: 10/22/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
    Amphenol, Red Hat, Harmonic & Intel
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    Following a relatively late start, the cable industry is now staking out its own turf in the network virtualization space. Led by such major MSOs as Comcast, Liberty Global and Cox, cable operators and their technology partners are particularly moving ahead with the virtualization of the cable access network to meet growing bandwidth demands, boost service delivery and performance, slash operating costs and bring new products, services and features to market much faster. But much more work remains to be done. This webinar will assess cable's latest virtualization efforts, examine the early deployments and trials, explore what's working and what's not and look at where cable goes next.
    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Testing the Next-Gen Cable Network
    Date: 11/19/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
    Harmonic, Red Hat & VIAVI
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    Cable technologists love to expound about the potential of DOCSIS 4.0, Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), Fiber Deep, network virtualization and the like. But, even as cable operators and their tech partners push ahead with HFC network upgrades and deployments of new technologies, they are also running into fresh challenges testing, monitoring and maintaining those next-gen networks. In this session, we will look at the core functions of measuring, monitoring and testing the next-gen cable network and see where those methods and techniques stand.
    SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Dreaming of Streaming Video
    Date: 12/10/2020 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
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    Led by Apple, Disney, NBCUniversal and AT&T, some of the world’s largest media companies are now entering the booming streaming video space. For both pay-TV providers and legacy OTT video providers, this is making the video market even riskier and messier than before. But for cable, there may also be a silver lining here because of the potential opportunities that the increasingly crowded streaming space could provide. This webinar will explore the new avenues that may open up for the industry and the new ways that cable operators can reinvent their old pay-TV business models by playing in the streaming video market.
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