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5G Webinar: How to Automate and Scale 5G Deployments
Date: 5/14/2020
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With the COVID-19 pandemic altering our daily lives and social interactions, carriers are scrambling to cope with the new realities of social distancing and near-universal remote working, as well as the increasing likelihood of a major global recession.

As if all that weren't enough, the pandemic is also taking its toll on 5G technical readiness as governmental measures impact global supply chains and the normal work of standards bodies. For instance, 3GPP has already delayed its work on both the Rel-16 Stage 3 and Rel-17 standards by three months. In turn, these delays have consequences for the broader 5G ecosystem, with snowballing effects on the makers of 5G devices, network equipment manufacturers and carriers planning to deploy 5G SA.

With the pending global recession, carriers will also face the challenge of monetizing their 5G deployments at a time when consumers and businesses will undoubtedly be less willing or able to spend money.

Join us for this free webinar as we assess these issues with our panel of experts.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Update on carrier 5G rollouts
  • Current 5G outlook and short-term challenges
  • Mapping of 5G field deployment inefficiencies
  • How to safely automate, digitalize and scale 5G rollouts with cloud and analytics

Better Indoor Coverage, Better 5G Networks
Date: 5/14/2020
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In the 5G era, more than 70% of mobile broadband traffic and most innovative applications occur indoors. Therefore, the quality of indoor network coverage is a key factor for the 5G commercial success. Due to the introduction of high frequency bands and the higher requirements of new services on network experience and capacity, 5G indoor coverage faces new challenges.

Meanwhile, 5G also brings new opportunities for the indoor network. Indoor 5G networks can accelerate the intelligent and digital transformation in vertical industries such as smart manufacturing, smart hospital, and smart warehousing. In addition, investment in indoor 5G networks can bring new business opportunities for operators.

This webinar will explore:

  • The opportunities for indoor networks from both 2C and 2B aspects, and the business value for investment on indoor coverage
  • How to set up a new standard of indoor coverage to meet requirements from new services and applications
  • The challenges with 5G indoor coverage solutions: Why traditional solutions, like outdoor macro station or DAS, cannot efficiently support 5G indoor coverage
  • The vital shift from DAS to next generation indoor system: Digital Indoor System (DIS). The latest solution developments and market progress

With 5G here now, what’s next for the Internet of Things?
Date: 5/12/2020
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Today, we are only in the early phases of 5G deployment, yet we are already seeing unprecedented proliferation of technology adoption and consumer demand for 5G. While 3GPP Release 15 established a solid technology foundation and focused on enabling enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) use cases such as the smartphones, Release 16 and beyond, building upon this foundation, will expand into new applications across industries. To fully realize the 5G vision, we are working with the ecosystem to further evolve 5G with a focus of addressing the requirements of expanded IoT use cases. After all, 5G is an innovation platform for this decade that will deliver unified connectivity for virtually everything around us.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why AI, edge cloud computing, and 5G are essential for the IoT expansion in the information age
  • How 5G is poised to transform almost every industry and what new use cases 5G will bring
  • How 5G technology is evolving to meet a diverse set of IoT requirements
  • How Qualcomm is leading the industry to deliver on the 5G vision of connecting our world

Accelerate the Deployment of 4G/5G Virtualized Open RAN featuring WWT, Cisco and Altiostar
Date: 5/6/2020
World Wide Technology
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WWT, Cisco and Altiostar are working together to develop an open, cloud-based, virtualized Open RAN blueprint that will help service providers deploy high-performance networks, enable agile service delivery and reduce operational expenditures. The blueprint, validated in WWT's Advanced Technology Center, is an end-to-end turnkey solution that accelerates operators' time-to-revenue and offers a rapid 4G/5G upgrade path. Key aspects of this approach to be discussed in this webinar include:

  • Deliver secure end-to-end 4G/5G solutions and services to service providers
  • Maximize ROI on existing network infrastructure
  • Enable a new ecosystem of vendors, leveraging a cloud-based architecture
  • Future-proof architecture that creates a streamlined transition path to 5G

5G & FTTH Network Convergence - Impact on Physical Layer
Date: 4/29/2020
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Our consumption of data is growing relentlessly whether it is at home, in the office or on the move. Disruptive events like pandemics result in significant traffic burst overnight with a changing mix of type of data flows. With economic activity depending more then ever on the digital infrastructure, our investments in this fourth utility will accelerate. The high costs of building infrastructure and the mobile and fixed network functions smoothly intertwining drives operators to optimize investments to make the case work. In this webinar, we discuss the impact of the 5G and FTTH convergence on the physical layer of fibre networks.

This interactive session will provide details on the innovations:

  • What impact does 5G densification has on 5G infrastructure
  • What does physical convergence mean for the infrastructure requirements
  • Can this physical layer be monetized

Accelerate 5G for Business – What Actions Can CSPs Take?
Date: 4/28/2020
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5G is here and ready to power enterprises. Let’s start innovating.

Industry digitalization is happening today. With the potential to increase revenues by 35%, the digital transformation of industries opens a significant opportunity for communication service providers (CSPs) to leverage the benefits of 5G cellular technology and build new markets, outside the borders of traditional telecom. Enterprises around the world are open to engage with them as they seek solutions and services to enhance their digital maturity and competitiveness. However, the demands enterprises put on CSPs to cater for such transformations also reveal gaps in today’s capabilities, that must be addressed.

In this webinar, we will cover what leading service providers have identified as critical to develop their 5G enterprise business, and what steps to take to succeed in the new 5G marketplace. Key topics include:

  • The voice of 1100 enterprise IT decision-makers across industries and markets
  • Use case examples illustrating the characteristics of the 5G powered business
  • The most critical initial capabilities to succeed in the innovative 5G landscape
  • A stepwise approach to success: A practitioner´s guide to 5G for enterprises

5G Is Redefining Transport Networks – Are You on Board?
Date: 4/15/2020
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Whatever the level of speed, latency or throughput demanded, the transport network is the bedrock upon which 5G networks are being built – powering the movement of all that data across fiber optic connections. And all the new 5G requirements will have a direct impact on the transport network. From the core to the radio unit, 5G demands a tight link between all transport network resources – even more than in previous generations of network technology. Expectations are high that this unprecedented transformation of the transport network be done right. In this exclusive webinar, Colt Technology Services, EXFO and Light Reading will delve into the key 5G requirements that will affect the deployment of the technology, including:

  • More fiber links between access points and backhaul networks – and what this means for 5G transport
  • Higher bandwidth and new synchronization requirements
  • Preparing for lower latency, network slicing and edge computing
  • Potential impact of private cellular on backhaul connectivity
  • Faster and more efficient fronthaul connections (eCPRI)
  • More granularity in the distribution of network functions (CU, DU, RU)
  • Testing considerations to efficiently manage and maintain 5G rollouts and deliver the stringent QoS performance results
Join us for this webinar to learn more about the transport network's changing requirements as the race to 5G heats up.

Current Security Case Studies in 5G/IoT and MSSP
Date: 4/9/2020
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Join us as Travis Volk, Technical VP of Global Business Development and Carrier Sales at Radware, and Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst at Heavy Reading, discuss two current case studies in Tier 1 service providers looking at two things: a) state-of-the-art 5G/IoT protection; and b) becoming a managed security service provider (MSSP).

Attendees will learn about the new landscape and new threats associated with 5G/IoT and understand how one large carrier plans to combat those threats. In addition, attendees will understand the opportunity and business case behind service providers offering new managed security services for enterprise customers and how another large Tier 1 carrier is delivering those services. Finally, attendees will be introduced to additional resources available from Heavy Reading and Radware to better understand these two emerging security use cases.

Business Continuity and Enabling a Secure Mobile Workforce
Date: 3/30/2020
Palo Alto
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During this unprecedented time, ensuring the health & safety of your employees is critical. We realize that rapidly scaling remote work options to enable secure connectivity to SaaS, cloud, and data center applications is also top of mind for IT & Security leaders.

We have a number of solutions ready to go to help, all while maintaining your existing security posture. Join us online to learn more.

During this session:

  • we will walk through architecture and configuration options
  • share customer examples
  • answer questions about deployment and scalability

Security Agility – Case Studies and Key Learnings From 5G Deployments
Date: 3/25/2020
A10 Networks
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Your security infrastructure should be as agile as your mobile network.

Improving network and service agility has been top of mind for mobile operators as they have transitioned their network to 5G over the last year. At stake – new 5G service opportunities that depend on agility for more selective targeting and customization of network capabilities.

Network security is paramount to 5G success, yet increasing the agility of security infrastructure has been problematic for mobile operators that have often accumulated multiple legacy security solutions over several technology transitions. As traffic from 5G critical enterprise and consumer applications becomes increasingly mobile and demands higher levels of availability and protection, security agility will be key to operator success.

In this webinar, A10 Networks will describe security agility and key learnings from deployments with mobile network operators over the last year. It will include case study-based examples of operators that are moving their networks towards 5G, virtualized core and MEC architectures. Insights will be provided on:

  • Characteristics of security agility
  • Automation and elastic scalability that helps optimize investment per node (case study)
  • Improve DNS security without disrupting DNS service with DoH (case study)
  • Move to MEC: security agility for rapid roll out (case study)

Connectivity Is Dead: Long Live (Intelligent, Infinite, Cloud) Connectivity
Date: 3/18/2020
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Connectivity is no longer an interesting topic. Or is it? As the 5G era dawns, the potential use cases and impact of wireless/mobile connectivity have been attracting attention. Importantly, discussions focus not only on the value but also on the “profile” of connectivity. Indeed, new (mainly IT) concepts – including cloudification and open network architectures – are drastically changing the wireless/mobile industry.

Join Dr. Konstantinos Stavropoulos, solution marketing lead at EXFO, and Gabriel Brown, principal analyst at Heavy Reading, for an insightful discussion on 5G connectivity. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The value of connectivity now and in the future, focusing on 5G
  • The main aspects of connectivity, from intelligence to (resource) infinity to cloud
  • The key network – domain and architecture-related – challenges for connectivity
  • The key business challenges for connectivity
  • Ways to make the most of connectivity in consumer/enterprise use cases

Mapping Success: 5G Evolution Reimagined
Date: 10/3/2019
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Transitioning your existing network to 5G is a challenging task. How you arrive at your goal requires a process map built on best practices and use of the right technologies. The alternative is falling back to a status quo network that can translate investments into 5G success.

In this webinar, we focus on leveraging new technologies proven to reduce costs, accelerate time to market and simplify complexities.

Key topics include:

  • Building the map to achieving your goals
  • Best practices for each network segment
  • Reimaging the existing network
  • Monetizing your investment

5G Converged SDN Transport – the Key to New 5G Services
Date: 9/26/2019
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The promise of 5G services is huge. Massively scalable, low-latency enabled applications will open up new ecosystems, business models and creativity across enterprise and residential markets. Sounds great, right?

At the same time, 5G will require mobile networks to increase availability, reliability and security to new heights that aren’t entirely predictable as the network surface grows exponentially and new services grow organically. Is your network a platform for new service innovation and will it enable your business to grow agilely in unforeseen directions as 5G technology opens new frontiers? Now is the time for network operators to evolve their transport networks in advance of mass 5G rollouts. Operators have many decisions to make, but what is the best path forward?

Join this Light Reading webinar to learn about the technical aspects of the 5G transport network, laying the foundation for deeper dives on the evolution of your transport architecture.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to facilitate the convergence of mobile and wireline services onto a single transport network
  • How to enable new 5G services with heightened performance/enterprise-grade expectations
  • How to increase service innovation and velocity
  • How to lower TCO

SCTE.ISBE Live Learning Webinar: Bracing for the 5G Era
Date: 7/18/2019
SCTE, Red Hat, Netscout
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Seeking to stay ahead of aggressive rivals like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, cable operators are busily upgrading their networks for multi-gigabit speeds, cloud-based IP video services and next-gen wireless services. But now, with the emergence of 5G technology, the big question is whether cablecos will be able to harness 5G to their advantage or find themselves fighting a rearguard action against it. In this session, we will tackle the opportunities and challenges that 5G presents for cable in an increasingly converged world and discuss how operators can make the most of it.

5G State-of-the-Industry Webinar Series: The 5G Mobile Era is Live
Date: 6/18/2019
Verizon, ECI, Zayo, A10 Networks
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The 5G mobile era is officially here. In the second quarter of 2019 over half a dozen operators have launched 5G mobile networks to consumers and dozens more have progressed their plans to launch in the year to ahead. In this webinar Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown will bring the audience up to speed on 5G progress worldwide and lead a discussion on how 5G mobile is driving the pace of change in service experience and network technology.

Delivering 5G With High-Bandwidth Photonics
Date: 6/13/2019
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5G is offering a step change in wireless application performance but requires significant investment in optical connectivity for both the radio access network and wireless core. 5G networks will deliver high bandwidth and low latency and are built on a virtualized infrastructure that enables network slicing. 5G will accelerate the deployment of new services for mobile broadband, autonomous cars, smart manufacturing and IoT, opening up new revenue streams for service providers. 5G requires many more antennas than 4G and many connections between remote radio heads, virtual baseband unit servers and core data centers that support 25-100 Gbit/s and more.

This webinar will review the latest developments for 5G, the benefits this will bring to users and the challenges of building the 5G wireless infrastructure. We will also drill down into the optical connectivity required for 5G networks and some of the solutions already available and being developed.

5G: Why Cloud-Natives Will Thrive and Cloud-Tourists Will Struggle
Date: 6/5/2019
Matrixx Software
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With 5G, service providers can reach customers in new ways, quickly and efficiently experimenting with new business models. Cloud-native solutions are essential to deliver the scalability, dynamic configurability and unprecedented resilience that 5G demands. With the right design principles, cloud-native solutions are essential for 5G success. Legacy architectures deployed in the cloud may fail to achieve the performance required.

Join this webinar and you will learn:

  • What cloud-native really means
  • What design patterns are emerging with cloud-native applications for 5G services
  • How are stateless vs. stateful microservices handled differently in a cloud-native architecture
  • How will service providers ultimately benefit from embracing cloud-native web-scale technologies

Tuning the Customer Experiences in 5G
Date: 5/30/2019
Accenture, VIAVI
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It’s said that 5G will transform the role telecom technology plays in society and will fuel new uses cases and economic growth. But operators still need to focus on monetizing their network and that means assuring the experiences their investments are behind. Customer experience management control systems are how operators will tune the experiences they want to deliver and are critical to their ability to compete on factors other than product and price.

Learn where to invest in testing, assurance and optimization to have the largest impact on the quality of experience that 5G’s enhanced services can deliver by joining Heavy Reading Analyst Kevin Burden, VIAVI Solutions’ wireless strategy director, Paul Gowans and Accenture’s managing director of its 5G network practice, Tejas Rao on May 30th at 11am ET.

The session will cover:

  • The 5G deployment strategies of CSPs and their monetization expectations
  • 5G experiences operators will invest in out of the gate
  • How automating service assurance with real-time analytics can ensure SLA compliance
  • Tools, techniques and strategies for ensuring the customer experience performs as expected in each individual use case

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