Self-Configuring NFV Packaged Solutions- for Fast and Flexible Deployment
Date / Time: Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles / 12:00 p.m. New York/ 5:00 p.m. London
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Philip Klatte, Product Manager for Service Provider, F5 Networks

James Thomson, Sr. Solution Architect for Service Provider, F5 Networks

NFV solutions have yet to go mainstream given that Service Providers believe virtualization is very complex to implement. Packaged NFV solutions make it easy to scale, change out services and deploy for today’s business strategies as well as enable the race to 5G.

Join this webinar and learn how F5 is making purchasing, sizing and deployments of NFV easier.

What you will learn:

  • How to size your service deployments
  • How to deploy new services (and terminate them) at the click of a button
  • How to automate your service deployments from the start


Mark Campbell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Service Provider, F5 Networks

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Philip Klatte, Product Manager for Service Provider, F5 Networks
Philip Klatte joined F5 Networks in 2018. Prior to that, he worked for AT&T and for a vendor to AT&T (Openet Telecom). He has held technical and non-technical roles, including operations, support, professional service, technical sales, product management, architecture and sales. Philip focuses mostly on the network side, including launching the first ever (worldwide) virtualized network functions (vPCRF at AT&T in 2011/2012), as well as work in IT (launch of first major microservice at AT&T in billing/mediation).

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James Thomson, Sr. Solution Architect for Service Provider, F5 Networks
James Thomson is a 19-year veteran of F5 Networks. Over the last five years, he has been working with Tier 1 providers in North America focusing on efforts to virtualize and orchestrate their service delivery and security architectures.

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