Wander offers free Internet service to school families

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Wander, the most affordable, high-speed internet service option in the U.S., today announced that it will provide access to free internet for families within the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) through the remainder of the school year. In partnership with the SMMUSD and the Santa Monica Education Foundation, parents and their children will have access to secure, reliable and fast internet while school closures and work-from-home mandates are in place.

Having access to secure, reliable and high-speed internet is critical for parents to adapt to the new and quickly evolving needs at home, whether working from home, home schooling or enjoying movies and TV together. As COVID-19 has put an increased burden on families and created financial uncertainty for many, free internet provides a digital security net while also helping them save money.

Wander is taking all health and safety precautions during installs in accordance with CDC guidelines, such as sanitary disinfecting practices, social distancing and protective gloves. Wander is also working 24/7 to make sure internet needs across Santa Monica are met promptly and with the highest level of customer service. Wander's local team of internet experts will spend as much time as needed to optimize home internet needs and ensure all technology devices, such as smart TVs, computers and tablets, are set up, work together and stream seamlessly during times of increased usage while families are at home using multiple devices at once.

Wander is also bringing ease to the at-home streaming experience with Wander Freely, Wander's new streaming portal that offers a curated selection of hundreds of free popular movies, TV shows, news, and education content. This supports consumers in having an effortless, enjoyable experience so they can cut time on searching and go straight to enjoying personalized and localized content, all in one place, for free and without the need for streaming hardware.

Santa Monica families with school-age-children (K-12) that are within Wander's coverage area are eligible to receive free high-speed internet service through the end of the scheduled school year, June 10, 2020. To see if your home is covered by Wander, visit Wander.net/service. If you qualify for service, visit Wander.net to subscribe and use code – SCHOOL2020 – to receive free internet. You will be immediately prompted to schedule your service and can also call 323.457.2949.

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