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ZTE Is Still in the Danger Zone
Morris Lore  | 
6/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Investors look panicky despite plans for a new line of credit and management changes. It is little wonder.
AT&T Closes $84B Time Warner Takeover
News Analysis  | 
6/15/2018  |  Post a comment
A media and telecom giant comes into being after US legal authorities said they had no objections earlier this week.
ZTE Seeks $11B in Credit, Nominates New Board Members – Report
News Analysis  | 
6/14/2018  |  Post a comment
Chinese vendor is looking to raise about $11 billion in credit and has nominated new board members in response to US demands.
3GPP Done With 5G SA Specs. Now the Hard Work Begins
News Analysis  | 
6/14/2018  |  1 comment
Standards group locks down standalone specifications, but has it addressed all of the industry's 5G concerns?
Ericsson Beefs Up With Telefónica Argentina as Huawei Goes Hungry
News Analysis  | 
6/14/2018  |  2 comments
Ericsson lands networks deal with Spanish operator's Argentinean subsidiary at Huawei's expense.
BT Aims to Switch Off 3G by 2022
News Analysis  | 
6/14/2018  |  Post a comment
UK operator will make do with 2G, 4G and 5G technologies as it refarms spectrum originally awarded for use with 3G services.
5G May Replace Fixed Broadband in Parts of Norway, Says Telenor
News Analysis  | 
6/13/2018  |  Post a comment
Telenor Norway is exploring the use of 5G as a substitute for some fixed broadband technologies.
ZTE Tanks on Trading Resumption, Ejects Entire Management Team
News Analysis  | 
6/13/2018  |  2 comments
Chinese vendor slumps on resumption of trading in Hong Kong and says its entire management team will be replaced.
5G Is Just a New Lick of Paint, Say Euro Telcos
News Analysis  | 
6/13/2018  |  1 comment
Likening 5G to the latest coat of gloss for Scotland's Forth Bridge will not leave investors on a paint-fumes high, but the analogy seems apt.
BT Left in 'Good State,' Says Outgoing CEO Patterson
News Analysis  | 
6/12/2018  |  1 comment
BT's outgoing CEO insists he is leaving the operator in a good position despite shareholder unhappiness.
Ericsson Massively Ups Cellular IoT Forecast
News Analysis  | 
6/12/2018  |  1 comment
Swedish equipment vendor predicts sharp growth in the number of cellular IoT connections over the next few years thanks to the NB-IoT and LTE-M surge.
BT's Next CEO: The Candidates
Morris Lore  | 
6/11/2018  |  3 comments
Who are the frontrunners to succeed Gavin Patterson as boss of the UK telecom incumbent?
Big Telcos Have Slashed 107K Jobs Since 2015
News Analysis  | 
6/11/2018  |  6 comments
M&A activity, automation and other efficiency measures are taking a heavy toll on the operator community workforce, and there may be worse to come.
BT Waves Goodbye to Gorgeous Gavin
Morris Lore  | 
6/8/2018  |  2 comments
The UK's biggest operator realizes its CEO is not the right man for the job days after it was revealed it have given him a £1.3 billion bonus last year.
ZTE Fined Another $1B in Rescue Deal With US
News Analysis  | 
6/7/2018  |  4 comments
Chinese vendor forced to overhaul its management and put on ten-year probation by US authorities.
Comment: Update - iainmorris - 6/6/2018
Vodafone, Telefónica End Network Sharing in London
News Analysis  | 
6/6/2018  |  Post a comment
Vodafone and Telefónica are unwinding parts of their network-sharing deal in response to soaring usage of mobile data services.
Vodafone Grills Authorities for UK's 5G Lag
News Analysis  | 
6/5/2018  |  Post a comment
Short mobile masts, inability to access fiber networks and BT's market dominance remain regulatory bugbears for Vodafone as it prepares to roll out 5G services.
CenturyLink May Jump Into Europe's Merger Mania
News Analysis  | 
6/5/2018  |  Post a comment
Consolidation may have run its course in CenturyLink's US markets, but not in Europe, says the operator's EMEA president.
Vodafone Rewards Top Brass as Thousands of Staff Are Axed
News Analysis  | 
6/4/2018  |  2 comments
UK-based operator slashes thousands of jobs in efficiency drive while handing generous pay increases to senior management figures.
Huawei Faces Security Backlash in Australia
News Analysis  | 
6/4/2018  |  Post a comment
The Chinese equipment vendor is deemed a security threat by some Australian politicians.
DT's Epic Undershoot Reflects Transformation Woes
News Analysis  | 
5/25/2018  |  1 comment
The German telco's failure to realize cost saving targets will put its transformation agenda firmly under the spotlight.
BT's Patterson Gets Tasty CEO Bonus as Troops Suffer
Morris Lore  | 
5/25/2018  |  5 comments
BT's CEO gets a $1.7 million bonus after lurching from one cock-up to another in the recent fiscal year.
DT Targets €1.5B in Automation Savings, Misses Former Target
News Analysis  | 
5/24/2018  |  2 comments
German incumbent misses targets for all-IP transformation and related cost savings but eyes another €1.5 billion in savings.
Wake Up & Smell the Coffee, Telefónica
News Analysis  | 
5/24/2018  |  Post a comment
Coffee and telecom come together, and not in another Ray Le Maistre review of local barista expertise.
ZTE Racks Up Losses of $3B After US Ban – Report
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2018  |  Post a comment
ZTE's customers are reviewing deals with the equipment vendor while expenses are mounting.
We're Losing AI Fight to Fraudsters, Says BICS Exec
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2018  |  2 comments
The Belgian carrier is under growing pressure to make use of artificial intelligence.
French Telcos Gain on M&A Signals From Policy Wonks
News Analysis  | 
5/23/2018  |  Post a comment
Shares in the country's network operators have risen after policy wonks suggested they would not continue to oppose merger activity.
Comment: Re: Telus more - iainmorris - 5/22/2018
Comment: Re: Telus more - iainmorris - 5/22/2018
Comment: Re: Is SDN dead? - iainmorris - 5/22/2018
Comment: Is SDN dead? - iainmorris - 5/22/2018
NFV Is Down but Not Out
Prime Reading  | 
5/22/2018  |  32 comments
NFV has failed to live up to the original expectations five years after it was first conceived. How can the industry ward off further technology disappointment?
How RJio Built India's Most Automated Network
News Analysis  | 
5/21/2018  |  Post a comment
RJio's executives were likened to a music group in Nice last week, but they prefer smashing up telecom markets to hotel rooms.
Comment: Updates - iainmorris - 5/18/2018
Telecom Italia Plots Layoffs, Slams Unions
News Analysis  | 
5/17/2018  |  1 comment
Italian phone incumbent is reportedly looking to cut about 7% of its workforce as it automates and digitizes operations.
TM Forum Sea-Change Overcomes That Sinking Feeling
News Analysis  | 
5/17/2018  |  2 comments
The industry association now dedicated to digital transformation answers some of its critics with a well-received show in Nice.
BT Revamps Consumer Offers, Adds Amazon to TV
News Analysis  | 
5/16/2018  |  Post a comment
UK incumbent makes a big push on convergence in a bid to reinvigorate its ailing consumer business.
TM Forum, ONAP to Meet in Beijing
News Analysis  | 
5/15/2018  |  1 comment
TM Forum says its open APIs will be included in the next version of the ONAP platform.
Comment: Correction - iainmorris - 5/15/2018
Vodafone Prioritizes Automation as Efficiency Bolsters Margins
News Analysis  | 
5/15/2018  |  3 comments
UK-based operator prioritizes automation as CEO Colao quits.
Telus CTO: NFV Burden May Cripple Telcos
News Analysis  | 
5/14/2018  |  4 comments
Canadian operator says exorbitant software maintenance fees and a bigger operations team is undermining the cost attractions of NFV.
DT to Lay Out Conditions for All-Fiber Splurge
News Analysis  | 
5/14/2018  |  Post a comment
German operator will present the investment criteria for a much bigger rollout of all-fiber networks later this month.
BT Kicks Off 5G Campaign With Plans for 2019 Launch
News Analysis  | 
5/11/2018  |  Post a comment
UK incumbent says it plans a commercial launch of 5G in the next 18 months and will focus initially on enhanced mobile broadband offerings.
BT's Patterson May Be Running Out of Time
Morris Lore  | 
5/10/2018  |  3 comments
Talk of digital transformation and investment in higher-speed networks fails to impress shareholders after the UK operator unveils plans for 13,000 job cuts.
BT to Slash 8% of Jobs in Efficiency Drive
News Analysis  | 
5/10/2018  |  Post a comment
UK operator will cut thousands of jobs in middle management and back-office functions as it looks to boost earnings and prepare for a new round of network spending.
ZTE Ceases Business Operations After US Ban
News Analysis  | 
5/9/2018  |  1 comment
Chinese vendor's survival now looks at stake after US authorities banned it from buying US components last month.
DT CEO to Fight Vodafone-Liberty Deal
News Analysis  | 
5/9/2018  |  Post a comment
German operator's boss slams Vodafone's takeover deal with Liberty as anticompetitive and indicates he will put up a fight.
Vodafone Pounces on Liberty Cable Assets in €18.4B Deal
News Analysis  | 
5/9/2018  |  Post a comment
Takeover would threaten Deutsche Telekom's fixed-line dominance in Germany and make Vodafone a much stronger force in other eastern European markets.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative Automation Strategy
News Analysis  | 
5/9/2018  |  Post a comment
The shortlist for most innovative automation strategy features six very strong entries from some of the world's biggest operators.
Comcast Seeks $60B Loan for New Fox Bid – Report
News Analysis  | 
5/8/2018  |  1 comment
Cable giant may try to scupper the deal between Fox and Disney with new financing facilities but has apparently indicated it will make a bid only if AT&T's planned takeover of Time Warner gets regulatory approval.
Telecom Italia Names Genish CEO After Boardroom Battle
News Analysis  | 
5/8/2018  |  Post a comment
After Vivendi loses control of the Telecom Italia board to US hedge fund Elliott, Amos Genish is confirmed as CEO.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Best Deal Maker
News Analysis  | 
5/4/2018  |  Post a comment
Amdocs, GTT and Viavi make our 2018 Leading Lights shortlist for best deal maker.
Automation, M&A Lead to 1,000+ Job Losses at CenturyLink
News Analysis  | 
5/4/2018  |  3 comments
CenturyLink confirms plans to cut 2% of its workforce, blaming the merger and automation for the move.
BT Plans to Cut up to 6,600 Jobs – Report
News Analysis  | 
5/4/2018  |  6 comments
UK operator will cut up to 6% of jobs according to reports as it looks to get its business back on track for investors.
The Trendiest Telcos Don't Wear SOCs
News Analysis  | 
5/3/2018  |  1 comment
You've already heard of the zero-touch network, and even the zero-person NOC. But what about the NOCless, SOCless telco?
DT Poised for 5G Launch as Huawei Antennas Go Up in Berlin
News Analysis  | 
5/3/2018  |  Post a comment
German operator puts up 5G antennas in Berlin and now looks all set for a commercial 5G launch in the German capital.
Comment: Re: Headline - iainmorris - 5/2/2018
Comment: Re: UK Uber - iainmorris - 5/2/2018
Virtualization Is Kicking Juniper in the Berries
News Analysis  | 
5/2/2018  |  3 comments
The transition to white box networking could be especially painful for Juniper.
T-Mobile, Sprint Combo Could Threaten German Digitization
Morris Lore  | 
5/2/2018  |  3 comments
If a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint falls short of its targets, it could add to the pressure on Deutsche Telekom in Germany.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Outstanding Communications Technology Vision
News Analysis  | 
5/1/2018  |  Post a comment
Apstra, Cohere and Juniper are the shortlisted candidates for the outstanding communications technology vision award.
T-Mobile & Sprint: Marriage Made in Hell
Morris Lore  | 
4/30/2018  |  13 comments
Consumers, industry employees and equipment vendors must all hope that regulators block a T-Mobile merger with Sprint.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative NFV Deployment Strategy
News Analysis  | 
4/30/2018  |  Post a comment
Boingo Wireless and Comcast Business make the shortlist for our NFV deployment strategy award.
US Ban on Huawei Would Trigger Turmoil in Telecom Industry
Morris Lore  | 
4/27/2018  |  10 comments
US authorities were said this week to be investigating Huawei for violating sanctions against Iran. Treating it like ZTE would trigger turmoil.
T-Mobile, Sprint Close to Merger Deal – Reports
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2018  |  1 comment
US mobile operators are close to reaching agreement on the terms of a deal, according to reports.
Qualcomm Profits Hammered by Licensing Disputes
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2018  |  4 comments
Qualcomm blames its legal battles with Apple and another licensee for a fall in profits but managed to grow sales thanks to its chips business.
Nokia Tumbles on Weak Results, Insists Good 5G Times Lie Ahead
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2018  |  4 comments
Finnish vendor insists the second half of 2018 will be much better than the first half as customers start to invest in long-awaited 5G networks.
Vodafone-Liberty Merger Doubtful in Germany, Says Analyst
News Analysis  | 
4/25/2018  |  1 comment
For all the banker excitement about a possible tie-up between Vodafone and Liberty, any deal in Germany seems highly unlikely.
Telenor's Cost-Cutting Focus Rattles Investors
News Analysis  | 
4/24/2018  |  2 comments
Norwegian incumbent loses 4% of its value in Oslo after analysts question focus on efficiency and accuse it of 'hoarding cash.'
Telco Fat Cats: Still Worth It?
News Analysis  | 
4/23/2018  |  2 comments
While some of the head honchos in telecom have taken hefty pay cuts in the last few years, they probably aren't yet worried about the price of milk.
Ericsson Takes Giant Leap Toward Profitability
News Analysis  | 
4/20/2018  |  Post a comment
Swedish equipment vendor appears to turn a corner with its best set of quarterly results since the departure of former CEO Hans Vestberg.
Telecom Italia's AI Tie-Up With Microsoft May Bring Job Cuts
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2018  |  1 comment
Telecom Italia turns to Microsoft for AI expertise after previously announcing plans to cut 'human operated interactions' by 30%.
Orange Hails AI Progress in 5G With IBM, Nokia
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2018  |  Post a comment
French service provider unveils details of AI research with Nokia and IBM as part of Europe's 5G-PPP initiative.
BT Merges Business & Wholesale Arms, Hints at Future Layoffs
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2018  |  Post a comment
UK incumbent bids farewell to Business and Public Sector CEO Graham Sutherland as it embarks on its latest restructuring.
UK Dinosaurs Decide AI Does Not Threaten Extinction
Morris Lore  | 
4/17/2018  |  Post a comment
UK authorities are not even considering the possibility that artificial intelligence could lead to mass unemployment. That is deeply worrying.
ZTE Labeled Security Risk by UK Government
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2018  |  Post a comment
A UK warning that ZTE could pose a security risk in service provider networks comes at the same time US authorities ban the sale of components by US firms to the Chinese vendor.
Google Preps Machine-Learning-as-a-Service for Networks
News Analysis  | 
4/16/2018  |  1 comment
Internet giant says it will be 'humanly impossible' to manage networks at scale and hints at ML-based service offering.
Comment: Re: Party of none - iainmorris - 4/12/2018
Nokia Seizes Open RAN Initiative as Ericsson Holds Back
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2018  |  3 comments
The Swedish vendor seems to have a bigger problem with openness than its Finnish rival.
Huawei Can Help Cut 90% of Networks Operations Jobs, Says Senior Exec
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2018  |  10 comments
The Chinese vendor says its automation tools and services will support major workforce reductions in network operations.
SDN Is Hype & NFV a Faux Pas – Telecom Panel
News Analysis  | 
4/12/2018  |  16 comments
A group of telecom executives at this week's Paris tradeshow deliver a critical assessment of SDN and NFV.
Google Has Intent to Cut Humans Out of Network
News Analysis  | 
4/11/2018  |  3 comments
Search engine giant is building an intent-driven tool to stop human employees from stressing out the network, says one of its chief engineers.
Telekom Austria Has $1B War Chest for Takeovers – Report
News Analysis  | 
4/9/2018  |  5 comments
Austrian incumbent plans to expand its presence through takeover activity, says CEO.
Telco IoT in 2018: Firework or Flop?
News Analysis  | 
4/9/2018  |  Post a comment
Long heralded as a growth opportunity for telcos, IoT has continued to underwhelm. Could 2018 mark the turning point?
Samsung Expects Boost in Sales, Profits for Q1
News Analysis  | 
4/6/2018  |  Post a comment
South Korean company is flourishing thanks largely to demand for its memory chip products.
Telecom Italia Molders as Shareholders Feud
News Analysis  | 
4/6/2018  |  Post a comment
A shareholder battle that now includes the Italian government threatens to distract Telecom Italia from the difficult job of digital transformation.
Comment: Updates - iainmorris - 4/5/2018
UK's £1.4B '5G' Auction Looks Bad for Industry
News Analysis  | 
4/5/2018  |  6 comments
The results could leave operators short of cash to invest in 5G networks, warns a leading analyst, while the UK's spectrum imbalance persists.
Automation Is About Job Cuts – LR Poll
News Analysis  | 
4/4/2018  |  5 comments
A desire to reduce headcount emerged as the most popular option when Light Reading's audience was recently asked why operators are automating network operations.
Apple Takes AI Bite Out of Google
News Analysis  | 
4/4/2018  |  3 comments
The iPhone maker has recruited one of the world's foremost AI experts in poaching John Giannendrea from its Silicon Valley rival.
Eurobites: BT Openreach Introduces 'Virtual' Dark Fiber
News Analysis  | 
4/3/2018  |  Post a comment
Also in today’s EMEA regional roundup: BT launches WiFi calling and VoLTE; Telefónica, Microsoft partner on IoT; VEON scraps GTH move; Telia sells Spotify stake.

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