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Industry's First Commercial Feasibility Industry Report on 5G Network Slicing for Smart Grid & 5G Network Slicing Business Opportunities for Multimedia White Paper

5G is on, driving a comprehensive digital upgrade of thousands of industries and promoting new growth in the industry. In order to better enable the thousands of industries, Recently, for two typical industry representatives: smart grid and multimedia, Huawei and related organizations jointly released industry report and white paper.

China Telecom, State Grid, Huawei, and IHS Markit jointly released the 5G Network Slicing Enabling Smart Grid: Commercial Feasibility Analysis industry report. This was the industry's first analysis of the commercial feasibility of 5G Network Slicing for Smart Grid from a quantitative perspective. This release marks a new stage of collaboration between operators and China's electric smart grid industry, specifically in the 5G smart grid slicing field. Collaboration spans the technical feasibility verification phase to the commercial feasibility exploration phase.

Since the joint organization launched the program of 5G electricity slice forward-looking and joint innovation in September 2017, China Telecom, SGCC, and Huawei have launched a series of benchmark cooperation efforts to adopt 5G Network Slicing in smart grids. For example, the three parties jointly released a technical feasibility industry report entitled 5G Network Slicing Enabling Smart Grid in January 2018, and carried out the first field test of 5G smart grid slicing over a 5G SA Network in April 2019. This time, the three parties joined hands with IHS Markit to release the 5G Network Slicing Enabling Smart Grid: Commercial Feasibility Analysis industry report. This was the first time they conduct the evaluations of Network Slice tenants' TCOs and carriers' ROIs from a quantitative perspective, and reach the following conclusions:

  • 5G smart grid slicing can better fulfill the ubiquitous-access and differentiated network capability requirements of smart grid services.
  • 5G smart grid slicing allows significant reduction in the TCO of smart grid communication networks.
  • 5G smart grid slicing brings a good return on investment (ROI) for carriers.

Click and download: 5G Network Slicing Enabling Smart Grid: Commercial Feasibility Analysis industry report

Huawei, China Mobile Research Institute, Migu Co. Ltd., GSMA, 5MII, 5GSA and IHS Markit has jointly released the 5G Network Slicing Business Opportunities for Multimedia White Paper at the 5G Service Innovation and Network Slicing Summit & 2019 Annual Conference of Information Communication Network Technology Committee of China Communication Society. This white paper is the first in the industry to elaborate on how 5G network slicing enables business model transformation in the multimedia sector and facilitates deep collaborations among operators, cloud service providers, content owners, as well as application developers for creating greater benefits.

Dr. Weilan Huang, Senior Director of 5G Industry Development Strategy from Huawei Cloud Core Network, delivered the key messages of the white paper on behalf of the joint units. According to Dr. Huang, the multimedia market growth will reach 900 billion dollars by 2023, behind which the consumer entertainment will be the main driving force. 5G network slicing that provides higher bandwidth, lower latency, and dedicated QoS assurance plays a pivotal role in resolving key difficulties, such as collaboration, resolution, and video stuttering, which are existing in current multimedia industry. It will also provide new revenue growth opportunities for all participants in the multimedia industry value chain. These participants include hardware vendors, content creation companies, and operators. Dr. Huang also analyzed the typical multimedia application scenarios such as games and live broadcast, and interpreted the value chain transformation of "with support of 5G network slicing" as opposed to "without support of 5G network slicing". As GSMA and IHS Markit forecast, 5G network slicing will create a revenue growth opportunity of 300 billion dollars for operators by 2025. The profitability of multimedia and related services is expected to account for one third of the total value.

Click and download: 5G Network Slicing Business Opportunities for Multimedia White Paper

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