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Dish Network Seeks Companies to Build Its 5G Network

Dish Network plans to release its third RFP for its planned 5G network, this one focusing on the physical work that will be required to install its antennas on top of cell towers.

US 5G Industry to Investigate Supply Chain Security

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions is probing how to shore up security for the supply chain for 5G, action that arrives amid concerns over Chinese suppliers like Huawei and ZTE.

Ericsson lifts outlook as it targets a bigger role in China

Swedish equipment vendor expects 2020 sales to be at least 9% higher than last year's figure and has also raised guidance for profitability.

Huawei Brushes Aside US Blacklist as It Boosts Sales 24%

Chinese equipment giant posts dramatic growth in numbers despite US penalties.

Quectel Claims 5G Data Call With Millimeter-Wave IoT Module

Quectel tests 5G IoT mmWave module, AsusTek slated to use it in next-gen laptops.

Apple's 5G Modem Pegged for a 2022 Introduction

Apple is reportedly planning to release a 5G modem as early as 2022, possibly joining Samsung and Huawei in that select group and align with Apple's push to become a vertically integrated company.

India Opens 5G Door to Huawei at IMC

Authorities have allowed the controversial Chinese vendor to participate in demos at an industry event, suggesting it may be allowed into the country's 5G market.

Europe Sounds Alarm About 'Single Supplier' 5G Deals

Recent deals signed by the likes of Telia, Three and Telecom Italia are under an uncomfortable spotlight after the publication of a new report about 5G security.

5G Will Save Semiconductor Industry, IHS Predicts

The global semiconductor industry is nearing the trough of a massive decline due to oversupply issues, but according to a new report from IHS Markit | Technology, 5G will help rectify the situation.

Telia Norway goes all Ericsson on 5G and dumps Huawei

The Norwegian operator will eventually have an all-Ericsson radio access network for all the different technologies, a senior executive tells Light Reading.

US May Fund Ericsson, Nokia in Huawei Fight – Report

The Trump administration is also taking a close interest in open RAN technologies, and proponents such as Altiostar, as it looks to support alternatives to the Chinese equipment giant.

Vodafone CEO 'Fast Tracks' OpenRAN in Challenge to Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia

One of the telecom's industry's top executives is backing trials of open RAN technology as a way of bringing more competition into the network market.

For Trump's Attack Dogs, There's No Stopping Huawei

Most governments and operators have shown little inclination to heed US warnings about the consequences of using Chinese suppliers.

Mavenir opens radio R&D unit in Ericsson's backyard

When the time came to open a new R&D facility focused on radio technology, the US software company could find no better place than Stockholm.

Facebook's TIP Is Desperate to Add Friends

Three and a half years after its birth, the Telecom Infra Project is trying to be more collaborative than confrontational.

Six Months of 5G: What We've Learned From South Korea

What has gone well and what has gone badly for South Korea's early 5G movers?

MediaTek Readies 5G SoC for 2020

The 5G chip market is going to get more crowded in the first half of 2020.

T-Mobile Relies on LTE for 5G Launch

New tests of T-Mobile's 5G network in New York City raise plenty of questions about how exactly it works. However, the operator is pushing aside those questions and instead is embarking on a 5G advertising campaign against Verizon.

Orange Issues Plea for Help With O-RAN Integration

The test process and integration efforts associated with Open RAN deployments are overwhelming, so the industry needs to engage in collaborative, joint test schemes that cut out duplicated effort, says Orange exec. The good news is, China Mobile's on the case…

How to Shrink the Bill for Your Chinese Takeout

Service providers forced or keen to replace Huawei in their 5G networks might now have several options for reducing the cost.

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