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Oracle Helps CSPs Launch New Services

REDWOOD SHORES, CALIF. -- Customers today simply expect more from their communications service providers (CSPs). Instead of buying expensive broad scale offerings, customers want CSPs to propose services, devices, plans and pricing that best meet their unique lifestyle or business needs.

To meet this demand, Oracle has developed the Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications, as part of the Oracle Digital Experience for Communications solution. Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications empowers CSPs to easily launch new service offers and tailor them to specific customer micro-segments to improve engagement. By providing a common and consistent definition of product information, Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications helps CSPs simplify and streamline offer introduction across sales, ecommerce, ordering, fulfillment and billing.

For example, a CSP can quickly launch a compelling new digital content offer – one that might include music, video, 5G and an IoT-based digital assistant – by easily configuring its pricing, discounts and promotions for various channels and fulfillment paths– all from one central platform.

"At Oracle, data is simply part of our DNA," said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle CX Cloud. "We use the industry's richest dataset available to accurately anticipate customer needs, then leverage this in our innovative CX cloud applications like Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications. This enables CSPs to rapidly design and launch compelling AI-recommended offers that target the right customers, in just the right way, and at just the right time to maximize uptake, revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty."

A New Era of Tailored Communications Services
Expected to be generally available in Oracle's fiscal year 2020, Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications enables CSPs to rapidly create offer bundles of existing products, commercial terms and conditions, as well as the creation of completely new product offerings.

As part of the Oracle Digital Experience for Communications solution, Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications gives service providers in communications and media the means to accelerate their digital business. Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications is a key component within Oracle's intelligent, holistic offer introduction framework that enables higher commercial success with fewer offer launches. It starts with offer ideation, leveraging social, marketing and intelligent customer insights to generate relevant, personalized and timely offers for specific customer audiences. Once the offers are designed by Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications, the framework then enables the launch and presentation of offers through customers' channels of choice, using AI to increase offer uptake and providing CSPs with real time offer analytics.

"As CSPs look to launch and expand new 5G and IoT-based digital services increasingly with ecosystem partners, it is essential they be able to accurately determine which offers are most likely to drive adoption with specific audiences," said John Abraham, principal analyst, research, Analysys Mason. "But to drive profitable revenue growth, CSPs also need the operational agility to define and synchronize their product and offer details – what they sell, what gets ordered and delivered and what gets billed – across all participating systems."

Embracing the Larger Comms Ecosystem through Open Standards
Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications is based on the TM Forum canonical communications model and supports full offer lifecycle management. As an enterprise catalog, Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications is pre-integrated with Oracle's sales, commerce, fulfillment and billing capabilities and Oracle Siebel CRM for ease of importing catalog information. Oracle Enterprise Catalog for Communications also integrates with external participating systems using the standards-based TM Forum Open API as part of a broader concept to cash to care solution.

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