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By Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Editor, 11/4/2019
Kevin McBride explains advancements the service provider has made in its automation, back office and orchestration systems.
By Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Editor, 10/31/2019
Prajakta Joshi says 5G deployments will provide huge opportunities for women in comms.
By Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, 10/25/2019
SD-WAN is a hot technology and product area for service providers and some are still surprised at how it has taken off.
By Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Editor, 10/24/2019
John Isch says today enterprises are demanding improved application performance and user experience for their SD-WAN services.
By Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, 10/21/2019
CenturyLink's Anil Simlot discusses how the carrier is evolving its edge computing platform from housing virtualized network functions to hosting larger, more dynamic IT workloads.
By Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Editor, 10/3/2019
DALLAS -- Scott Irwin, senior director of SD-WAN for Frontier Communications, explains how Frontier's customers are increasingly moving to a more centralized managed SD-WAN platform.
By Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Editor, 9/27/2019
5G promises not only faster speeds and lower latency, but will also "open up a lot of high-skill jobs," said AT&T Business's AVP of Enterprise Mobility Christina Cheng at Light Reading's ...
By Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, 9/24/2019
Light Reading's event series on network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) stopped in Dallas this time around. As usual, we talked about the opportunities ...
By Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, 9/24/2019
Light Reading editors Mitch Wagner, Kelsey Ziser and Phil Harvey gathered to empty their notebooks and recap the NV & SDN event at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas.
By Mitch Wagner, Executive Editor, Light Reading, 9/18/2019
DALLAS -- Speaking on the 43rd anniversary of NASA's launch of the space shuttle Enterprise, CenturyLink's Anil Simlot shared parallels between that historic debut and today's service ...
By The Philter, 8/26/2019
This is the third podcast in our ongoing series that covers the state of SD-WAN. On this episode, Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser (with research help from Ovum and Heavy Reading) looks at ...
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Radisys Discusses Disaggregation Solutions at MWC Los Angeles 2019

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Arun Bhikshesvaran, Radisys CEO, offers insight into how its recent acquisition and proximity to one of the world's leading operators creates a unique insider's perspective into both the operator's world and Industry 4.0 opportunities, and how Radisys' Enable and Integrate strategy leverages its heritage in computing and mobility to provide disaggregated ...
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Network Virtualization – The Future for DAA

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Colin Howlett, VP of Architecture at Vecima Networks, discusses what should and shouldn't be virtualized in the network, and identifies functionalities that will lead the charge. Also discussed are consolidating hubs and the importance of edge computing in the cable industry, specifically when reducing latency for IP video.

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Marcio Avillez Discusses CUJO AI LENS, a New Network Analytics Tool

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Lens is designed for network operators to surface unprecedented insights applicable to marketing, business performance, operations and product development through an intuitive dashboard. This promotes exploration and understanding through visualization, correlation and analysis of data related to connected devices, applications usage, content access, security ...
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How AI Will Impact Employment

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Should people be worried about the impact that artificial intelligence deployments will have on the jobs market? Tractica Principal Analyst Mark Beccue shares his views. For more on this topic, read this article.
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What Europe's Top Telcos Are Doing with AI

11|6|19   |   04:10   |   (1) comment

At the Telco AI Summit Europe event in London, Tractica Principal Analyst Mark Beccue talks about how some of Europe's largest telecom operators, including BT, Orange and Telecom Italia, are using AI tools to optimize network processes – and how it isn't all tied to 5G.
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Building a 5G Ready Network Today

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In this interview, Andrew Vaz, Senior Director of Product Line Management at Juniper Networks, elaborates on why these are exciting times for service providers. We have real industry business problems that are aching to be solved and at the same time we have a leading-edge 5G technology "tool set" available today to help solve these problems. Andrew talks ...
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BT's Domingos on the Evolution of Network Monitoring

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At the Software-Driven Operations event in London, BT's OSS Senior Solution Architect Manager José Domingos talks to Heavy Reading's James Crawshaw about the use of open source code to develop the UK operator's latest network monitoring tools.
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A Game-Changing Approach to 5G Monetization

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Amdocs's RevenueONE offers a cloud-native, carrier-grade, scalable solution, which empowers operators to act faster and capture every new revenue opportunity of the 5G era while maintaining a low footprint and reducing the total cost of ownership.
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STL's CEO on Data Networks Innovation

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Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Connectivity Solutions at STL, shares his views on 5G, fiber, networks of the future and STL's data network innovation for tomorrow's network operators at the FTTX Council Africa Conference 2019 in South Africa.
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Verizon's Cantor on Multi-Tenant uCPE

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At the Software-Driven Operations event in London, Verizon's Oliver Cantor says enterprise customers are looking to run their own applications on the universal CPE servers that house the operator's virtual network functions.
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Collinear Networks' Abraham Pucheril on High-Capacity Wireless Transport for 5G

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At the 5G Transport and the Edge event, we connected with Abraham Pucheril, EVP of Sales, Product and Marketing for Collinear Networks, to talk about wireless transport for 5G networks. As we heard throughout the event, there is high demand for ultra-high capacity wireless transport, yet this need that is currently unfulfilled by traditional microwave links. ...
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Amdocs: Redefining & Accelerating 5G Rollouts

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Amdocs' 5G Fast portfolio accelerates efficient and scalable 5G deployments with software-driven automation, innovative analytics tools, and cross-equipment-vendor solutions for planning, design, integration, acceptance and optimization. We provide solutions that redefine how service providers approach 5G rollouts.

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