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Content posted in June 2015
Huawei's Approach to an Open Central Office: Building Data Center Economies to Telecom Industry
Information Resources  | 
6/30/2015  | 
Huawei’s Central Office Initiative is a comprehensive architecture, realized by a series of Proof-of-Concept demonstrations, for bringing data center economies of scale to telecommunications.
Agile VPN for Carrier/SP Network – ONOS-based SDN Controller for China Unicom MPLS L3VPN Service
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6/30/2015  | 
China Unicom, Huawei and ON.LAB teamed up on an agile VPN PoC, which uses Huawei’s ONOS-based controller (aka SNC) and demonstrated how ONOS-based controller solution could help China Unicom to address the efficiency, agile service deployment, etc issues. This PoC also demonstrated how ONOS-based VPN works with both legacy and newer OF network.
Evaluating “The State of the State” of Virtualization
Information Resources  | 
6/30/2015  | 
“The State of the State” – is a special report from Light Reading and Heavy Reading providing original insights into the changes taking place as CSPs plan their migration to next-generation communications infrastructure.
Service Orchestration Requirements for a New Era of Networking – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources  | 
6/30/2015  | 
This paper examines the drivers for service orchestration and the three "extreme" business requirements for flexibility, automation and reliability emerging in a new era of hyperfast business that a service orchestration system must fulfill. It explores the capabilities that a service orchestration system should have to meet these requirements.
Software-Defined Networking - Discover How to Save Money and Generate New Revenue
Information Resources  | 
6/30/2015  | 
Software-defined networking (SDN) can help businesses and service providers reduce networking complexity, as well as deployment and operational costs. These benefits are based on abstraction of the control functions from the network forwarding devices (such as switches, routers, and Layer 4 to 7 appliances).
Evolved Programmable Network Solution Overview
Information Resources  | 
6/30/2015  | 
Virtualization of network functions is an approach that has been successfully implemented in the data center, and service providers are now trying to improve flexibility and service agility and significantly transform their economic cost models. Service provider-centric software capabilities for operations and services automation are also required to accelerate and monetize the creation of new services.
Infographic: New Vendor Requirements for the NFV Era
Information Resources  | 
6/26/2015  | 
BTE 2015 Show Report
Information Resources  | 
6/22/2015  | 
The content of this report shows how much there was to learn and take away from BTE, and this is just a snapshot of the peer-to-peer learning that was on offer. The focused panel sessions on topics as diverse as hybrid network management and orchestration, the role of IoT tech in smart cities, dealing with DDoS attacks, the introduction of cloud DVR and 4K services were all designed to provide useful insights and data points for attendees.
Delivering Exceptional VoLTE Service Quality
Information Resources  | 
6/19/2015  | 
Delivering quality voice services in an LTE environment is a major goal of operators worldwide. Voice is a fundamental service of mobile communications and will continue to be so, yet needs to adapt to the ways people communicate today.
Nominum Case Study: EnergiMidt provides safe & trustworthy experience
Information Resources  | 
6/15/2015  | 
A DNS upgrade was required by leading telecom operator EnergiMidt to reduce bot activity & maintain network performance.
Nominum Case Study: Large ISP Gains Visibility & Control During DDoS Attack
Information Resources  | 
6/15/2015  | 
A large South American ISP seeking more secure, resilient and efficient DNS infrastructure upgraded their servers from open source to Vantio CacheServe several years ago. Vantio worked flawlessly, reducing operational strain and improving the subscriber experience with fast, low latency DNS resolution that complemented their high performance network.
Nominum Case Study: Large ISP Transforms DNS, Protects Network
Information Resources  | 
6/15/2015  | 
Thousands of open home gateways made way for billions of unwanted queries during attacks, compromising network integrity & threatening provider reputation.
Nominum Whitepaper: The Costs of a DNS Outage
Information Resources  | 
6/15/2015  | 
Internet access has become an essential part of everyday life. Regulation of Internet services may differ around the world but there is universal acceptance of the necessity for secure, highly available Internet access. Regulators recognize their obligation to ensure a positive subscriber experience in return for the fees that subscribers pay. The regulatory action taken for this outage is not an outlier; it will rapidly become the new baseline for regulatory oversight around the world.
Nominum Whitepaper: DNS Software Drives Network Economics
Information Resources  | 
6/15/2015  | 
Nominum’s Vantio CacheServe has been the gold standard for DNS resolution for more than a decade, offering exceptional availability, extraordinary stability, and superior security. Vantio CacheServe 7 changes the game again. A new software architecture coupled with time-proven Vantio technology maximizes the power of server hardware, letting providers “do more with less” with their DNS.
Nominum Whitepaper: New Best Practices for DNS
Information Resources  | 
6/15/2015  | 
Established DNS Best Practices have served providers well. Those who deploy them have more stable and cost effective networks. Business imperatives to do more with less and new challenges facing DNS operations mean new Best Practices are needed. With a few simple steps DNS services can be more robust, stable, predictable and sustainable.
Nominum Whitepaper: Overview of DNS-Based DDoS
Information Resources  | 
6/15/2015  | 
DNS-based DDoS has rapidly evolved over two years and there is no indication it will stop. Lists of IP addresses of the very large installed base of home gateways with open DNS proxies are available on the Internet, as are turnkey DDoS services that use them. The recent transition to bot driven DDoS malware changes the landscape.
Information Resources  | 
6/8/2015  | 
eBOOK: Making the most of SDN and NFV with Ubuntu OpenStack
Information Resources  | 
6/1/2015  | 
Download this ebook to get an overview of the ever-changing infrastructure landscape for network operators, better understand the challenges they face when implementing NFV and SDN technologies and review a reference architecture for integrating NFV and SDN technologies onto Ubuntu OpenStack clouds, allowing for maximum flexibility in configuration, management, and scaling. If you’re involved in the design of systems architecture for the telecoms industry, this ebook is for you.

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