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Content posted in November 2015
Ten Essentials for Securing LTE Networks
Information Resources  | 
11/30/2015  | 
Service providers building out their 4G LTE networks are grappling with numerous complex security challenges. Learn which security capabilities are essential for them to consider and why as they begin to implement carrier-class network firewall solutions.
Streamlining Order Delivery of Next-Generation Business Services – By Heavy Reading
Information Resources  | 
11/30/2015  | 
Understand just what’s needed to help service providers streamline the order-to-cash processes of their new and existing next-generation business services.
Enterprise Services Delivery Fast Facts Infographic
Information Resources  | 
11/30/2015  | 
Understand the numbers from latest global survey conducted by Heavy Reading and Amdocs.
Virtual EPC for Tier 2 & 3 Mobile Operators – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources  | 
11/23/2015  | 
Backed by global Tier 1 operators, today's state-of-the-art virtual Evolved Packet Core technology offers performance close enough to the classic hardware-based products. Arguably, a software-based mobile core levels the playing field with bigger operators because it puts brand-name EPC products and features within reach of smaller operators.
LTE radio transport security - Vulnerabilities, threats and controls
Information Resources  | 
11/17/2015  | 
The adoption of LTE (Long-Term Evolution) mobile technology has grown significantly in the past 3 years bringing with it many advantages to subscribers and operators. There are also inherit cyber threats and other risks in the LTE technology that should be considered by operators. This paper presents an overview of the risks and countermeasures that operators should consider when assessing the security requirement for their radio access networks.
The Missing Layer - SDN MANO in Multi-Service Networks
Information Resources  | 
11/16/2015  | 
Sedona Systems Demo
Information Resources  | 
11/13/2015  | 
ACG Research : Accelerating the Transformation to Virtual Networks Services
Information Resources  | 
11/11/2015  | 
The relentless pace of innovation is driving developers and service providers to redefine how they bring applications and services to users. Users’ demand for new applications is forcing a transformation away from limited function, tightly integrated and proprietary solutions toward a more fluid, programmable, adaptable service delivery environment.
Brief: Flow processing on 100GbE ports with the Ultra High Network Appliance
Information Resources  | 
11/6/2015  | 
The FWA-6522C is Advantech’s new concept of ultra high-end network platform to boost performance of applications migrating to 100GbE. The FWA-6522C makes the most of its four integrated Intel® Xeon® processors and its 400 Gbps of I/O by optimizing packet delivery from the network ports into the CPU sockets and into the virtual machines. This paper describes this innovative platform architecture and shows some applications that can leverage the ultra high-end FWA-6522C appliance.
Brief: Does your Telecom Cloud Infrastructure have the Competitive Edge
Information Resources  | 
11/6/2015  | 
This product brief describes the huge potential of Advantech’s NFV Elasticity initiative and the network platforms that make it possible.
Brief: Next Generation Carrier Grade Servers Accelerate NFV
Information Resources  | 
11/6/2015  | 
Advantech and Netronome have collaborated to provide a proof-of-concept SDN gateway. The resulting L2-L7 gateway can simultaneously host high-performance OpenFlow switching and multiple VNF applications, all under SDN-OpenFlow control. Demonstrated performance gains are presented here.
IP Network Transformation in the Age of Virtualization – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources  | 
11/4/2015  | 
This white paper will consider the common-ground facets of IP network transformation to provide a complete view of the scope of NFV's impact on CSP network transformation programs. The paper first documents the phases of IP network transformation, including the latest virtualization-driven phase; and then addresses the key business and technological impacts of virtualized transformation on service delivery, network design and monitoring, and network operations.
7 (and a half) Myths of Fraud Management
Information Resources  | 
11/3/2015  | 
Most myths begin with a grain of truth. As telecoms transform and fraudsters evolve, how much truth remains? Find out 7 (and a half) of our favorites myths about Fraud Management in Telecoms.
eBook: Big Data Explained, Analysed, Solved
Information Resources  | 
11/3/2015  | 

This eBook gives an overview of what big data is and its growing importance. It talks about some of the different kinds of big data, as well as some of the different things you would do with it.

The functional section of this book discusses applications, tools, managed services and clouds, used together or separately, that will help you benefit most from big data. You can skip directly to any section and focus on what’s most important to you, or read the book straight through.

Rapid Integration of Subscriber Security Services in NFV Environments – by Heavy Reading
Information Resources  | 
11/3/2015  | 
Heavy Reading Analyst Gabriel Brown Digs Deep into Integration Challenges in NFV Environments: Read how pre-integrated network functions can help operators leap over this barrier to deliver maximum virtualized services in minimum time and effort.

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