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Content posted in August 2013
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MSOs Slash Hardware Spending Again
News Analysis  | 
8/30/2013  |  1 comment
CMTS/Edge QAM revenues plunge once more in Q2 as cable operators rely more on cheaper software upgrades.
Back to School for Carrier Ethernet Competition
DOS Attack  | 
8/30/2013  |  7 comments
Carriers and vendors should think about the potential competitive value of the MEF's Carrier Ethenet Certified Professional program.
AT&T to Take Aio's Prepaid LTE Nationwide
News Analysis  | 
8/30/2013  |  7 comments
AT&T plans to go nationwide with its prepaid subsidiary, Aio Wireless, which is being sued by T-Mobile for using the color magenta.
The Greening of the US Sports Ecosystem
Column  | 
8/30/2013  |  11 comments
Money makes the sports world go around, leading to glut of choices and lower value for all but most avid fans.
While Ray's Away, You Can Play: We're Extending the Leading Lights Deadline
Rewired  | 
8/30/2013  |  5 comments
Leading Lights hopefuls now have until September 4 to submit their entries.
Euronews: KPN Foundation Blocks Slim's Bid
News Analysis  | 
8/30/2013  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA roundup: Could Vodafone fall prey to AT&T? Will Deutsche Telekom sell its Czech unit? Does BT care about its dial-up Internet customers?
Decoding WebRTC's Promise & Challenges
Column  | 
8/30/2013  |  9 comments
WebRTC holds a lot of promise for communications, but it could be derailed by signaling issues.
Verizon in Talks to Take Vodafone Stake in Big Red
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  6 comments
Vodafone has confirmed that talks about one of the most oft-rumored acquisitions in the mobile sector are underway, as Verizon looks to take full control of the number 1 US wireless operator from its UK partners.
Verizon Relocates Cloud Optimism
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  3 comments
New "State of the Enterprise Cloud" report says adoption rates are accelerating and companies are putting more serious stuff in the cloud.
Sprint Warns of US Cellular Switch-Off
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  9 comments
US Cellular customers in St. Louis and Chicago only have a few more months to leave before they'll lose service.
SDN Can Close Backhaul Spending Gap
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  2 comments
Strategy Analytics study, funded by Tellabs, says $4 billion in mobile backhaul savings awaits carriers willing to set started now on SDN.
Why Pay for Free TV?
Column  | 
8/29/2013  |  14 comments
Broadcast TV retransmission consent rules just punish cable subscribers now.
Comcast Debuts Family Messaging App
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  10 comments
Comcast quietly introduces Family Point, a free text messaging and calendaring app for subscribers.
Globecomm Stalking Rural LTE Success
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  2 comments
Satellite wireless provider delivers hosted networking services to rural spectrum holders and helps building out-access networks.
Euronews: Vodafone, O2 Begin UK 4G Rollouts
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  4 comments
Also in today's EMEA roundup: Vodafone back in talks to sell Verizon stake; Deutsche Telekom wins in ducts row; Kroes 'climbs down' over roaming.
What OTT Can Learn From Big Telecom
Column  | 
8/29/2013  |  14 comments
Hey, it goes both ways!
Top 5 Signs You're a Smartphone Addict
Slide Shows  | 
8/29/2013  |  25 comments
Find out if your smartphone 'selfie' love is under control or way out of hand with this totally legitimate and scientific Light Reading quiz.
Aruba Networks Replaces Cisco in Starbucks
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2013  |  8 comments
Light Reading community members unearth that Aruba Networks will soon be served up with your coffee.
AlcaLu Appoints Ex-Investment Banker as CFO
News Analysis  | 
8/28/2013  |  3 comments
Jean Raby will takeover as CFO as the telecom vendor moves forward with its Shift restructuring plan.
AT&T U-Verse to Get More Mobile in 2014
News Analysis  | 
8/28/2013  |  12 comments
AT&T is gearing up to bring smartphone photo streaming directly to TV and more mobile features to the U-Verse universe in 2014.
What’s Next for Cable Tech?
Column  | 
8/28/2013  |  12 comments
From DOCSIS 3.0, to CCAP, to DOCSIS 3.1, cable engineers keep finding new lives for coax.
TiVo Scores Big Profits
News Analysis  | 
8/28/2013  |  4 comments
A major legal settlement and strong cable revenues counter retail subscription losses in TiVo's second quarter.
AT&T: A Day at the Foundry
Slide Shows  | 
8/28/2013  |  28 comments
As AT&T opened its fourth foundry in Atlanta, Light Reading was on hand for innovation in the sun.
Australia's NBN: Will Fiber Get Voted Out?
News Analysis  | 
8/28/2013  |  12 comments
Australia's government-backed high-speed broadband rollout will likely change tack once the forthcoming election has taken place.
Euronews: Nokia CEO Tipped for Ballmer's Job
News Analysis  | 
8/28/2013  |  8 comments
Also in today's EMEA roundup: AlcaLu hires former Goldman Sachs man; Bouygues sees second-quarter profits rise; mobile-banking warnings; Rushy returns.
Forecasting the NFV Opportunity
Column  | 
8/28/2013  |  8 comments
Network functions virtualization has the potential to transform the way telecom networks are built and operated.
Big-Data Is Key to Consumerization of M2M
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
8/28/2013  |  5 comments
To maximize business potential, enterprises need to transform themselves into value-added players in the brave new M2M landscape.
Sprint Lays Off 800 Customer Service Reps
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2013  |  19 comments
Sprint's first round of layoffs since Softbank acquired it come as customer complaints are down -- but so are subscribers.
US Govt. Warns of Android Malware Threat
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2013  |  6 comments
Government agencies warn mobile users to take steps to minimize their risk of malware, especially if they're Android users.
The Promise of SDN
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2013  |  8 comments
SDN offers a new paradigm with the potential to change the fundamental laws of networking physics.
Live Chat: SDN/NFV! Hot Topics! Free Shirts!
Rewired  | 
8/27/2013  |  2 comments
Come join the fun. You know you want to.
Google, Starbucks Start AT&T Router Swap
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2013  |  36 comments
Starbucks will completely replace its routers with Google partners as it moves away from AT&T to Google WiFi across the US.
Cable's Next Big OTT Battle
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2013  |  7 comments
Cable operators sense opportunity in home automation and security services but they could have a fight on their hands.
Cox Joins Cable WiFi Club
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2013  |  5 comments
Cox customers gain free access to nearly 150,000 cable WiFi hotspots throughout US.
Don’t Forget Opex in Copper vs. Fiber Debate
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
8/27/2013  |  7 comments
Some large telcos are considering retaining copper for the final drop into the home, even if they have already announced plans for FTTH.
Euronews: Nokia Tablet Due Next Month?
News Analysis  | 
8/27/2013  |  3 comments

Also in today's EMEA roundup: Slim backs Telefónica bid for E-Plus; Saudi operator gets 400G core; Swiss fiber partnership.

What 4G for Me?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
8/27/2013  |  14 comments
The deliberations involved in choosing a 4G service in the UK.
Cyan's SDN Orbit Pulls in Pica8
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  2 comments
Pica8 joins Cyan's Blue Orbit SDN ecosystem and strengthens the case for multi-vendor SDN implementations.
Arista Looking for Love in IT Places
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  1 comment
New applications aim to make IT operations easier and lure more customers away from big, bad Cisco.
AT&T U-verse Steps on Gas
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  8 comments
AT&T’s fiber-enabled broadband service boosts top download speeds to 45 Mbit/s across the US.
Sprint Launches Ethernet Wavelength Services
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  3 comments
Carrier employs its growing backbone capacity for datacenter connectivity and carrier wholesale opportunities.
What’s Bad About TV? Just Ask Apple.
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  10 comments
Apple’s reported plan to strip commercials from TV programs is a worthy successor to its iPhone innovation.
Free TV Antennas, Anyone?
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  7 comments
Time Warner Cable offers free over-the-air TV antennas to soothe subscribers affected by CBS blackout.
Open is the Way to Go
Rewired  | 
8/26/2013  |  7 comments
In an OTT world, network operators need to consider a different business model, accepting their physical networks as a commodity to sell.
Chromecast: Playing Hard to Get
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  8 comments
Many respondents to our poll say they're still finding Google's streaming TV dongle is sold out all over.
GSA: Over 1,000 LTE Devices Now Available
News Analysis  | 
8/26/2013  |  4 comments
1,064 4G LTE devices are available with 202 of the 4G networks now live.
Putting OpenFlow to the Test
Column  | 
8/26/2013  |  4 comments
Why conformance testing for OpenFlow products matters.
Top 10 Bizarre Things Found Inside Telecom Hardware
Slide Shows  | 
8/23/2013  |  11 comments
Every now and then, engineers open up their wiring closets and find strange things.
Ballmer Bails on Microsoft
Que Sera Sarah  | 
8/23/2013  |  18 comments
Or, did Microsoft bail on him?
Report: Huawei, ZTE Win Big at China Mobile
News Analysis  | 
8/23/2013  |  8 comments
China Mobile is said to have awarded at least two of the massive 4G contracts to domestic vendors Huawei and ZTE.
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