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Why Pay-TV Needs OTT Video Now
Breznick Unbound  | 
6/22/2018  |  1 comment
In new studies and reports, it's clear that pay-TV operators must incorporate OTT video services into their offerings if they wish to survive and thrive.
Why SD-WAN Is Taking Off Now
Column  | 
6/22/2018  |  Post a comment
It's clear that SD-WAN is now seen as the enterprise networking architecture of the future, which is why this market will reach billions of dollars.
WiCipedia: Are Fembots a Boon or Bane for WiT?
WiCipedia  | 
6/22/2018  |  Post a comment
This week in our WiC roundup: Fembots 2.0; Google's diversity battles; women's voices aren't heard; and more.
5G Transport – Where Do We Start?
Shades of Ray  | 
6/21/2018  |  2 comments
There's a helluva lot to talk about in terms of the key role that transport networks will play in a 5G world, says Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin.
5G Still More Like Rocket Fuel Than a Mission to Mars
Morris Lore  | 
6/21/2018  |  1 comment
5G has been touted as the most transformative mobile 'G' ever. At the moment, it looks like more of the same.
ETSI's Networked Intelligence Group Starts to Get Real
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
6/20/2018  |  1 comment
ETSI's wonderfully named Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI) group, which aims to help operators better understand and improve the management of their networks, has sprung to life.
Reliable Network Consolidation With Atrinet's NetACE
Partner Perspectives  | 
6/19/2018  |  Post a comment
Atrinet can help CSPs with their Network Virtualization Transformations by enabling the transition, or consolidation, between traditional and new networks quickly, reliably and efficiently.
The Telco Debt Binge May End Badly
Column  | 
6/15/2018  |  6 comments
There is nothing wrong with large amounts of debt if you methodically expand a business, but what are these guys doing?
Falling Fiber Gap Further Supports FCC's BDS Decision
Column  | 
6/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Market forces are working well in the business data services (BDS) market in the US, argues Bruce Mehlman, co-chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance.
ZTE Is Still in the Danger Zone
Morris Lore  | 
6/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Investors look panicky despite plans for a new line of credit and management changes. It is little wonder.
Even for Virtualized Networks, Hardware Vendor Choice Matters
Column  | 
6/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Mobile operators moving to virtualized networking for 5G infrastructure need to carefully consider the motivations behind the move and make the right choices at every step along the way.
Source Packet Routing Gets Real in 2018
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
6/15/2018  |  3 comments
SPRING has sprung in the routing community.
WiCipedia: Diversity Fatigue & 'Unprotected' Minorities at Google
WiCipedia  | 
6/15/2018  |  Post a comment
This week in our WiC roundup: Google slams diversity measures at leadership level; fatigue sets in on the Valley; men's careers are nurtured more than women's; and more.
Ciena CTO Says No to Skynet, Advocates Adaptive Networks
CxO Spotlight  | 
6/14/2018  |  3 comments
Ciena CTO Steve Alexander explains why some operators are leery of fully autonomous networks, and how Ciena is collaborating with carriers to prepare for 5G deployments with platforms like the Adaptive Network.
Is the Sprint & T-Mobile Merger Too Risky?
Column  | 
6/14/2018  |  1 comment
Cheenu Seshadri, the managing partner at Three Horizon Advisors, looks at the market concentration risks of letting T-Mobile and Sprint merge.
Comcast's Bid for Content, Growth & Whatever Comes Next
The Philter  | 
6/13/2018  |  4 comments
Comcast's desire to roll up more content assets and over-the-top distribution is just a blurring signpost as we rocket through a new media landscape.
AT&T's Penrose: Future IoT Hinges on Predictability
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/13/2018  |  Post a comment
AT&T's Chris Penrose says the IoT industry is quickly moving toward a focus on applying data in a proactive manner to further improve operational efficiency for customers.
5G & Industrial Automation: Creating the Factory of the Future
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
6/11/2018  |  7 comments
Call it Industry 4.0, Industry-X, Industrial IoT, the Industrial Internet – by any name, it offers tremendous opportunities to transform productivity across many sectors of the economy.
BT's Next CEO: The Candidates
Morris Lore  | 
6/11/2018  |  3 comments
Who are the frontrunners to succeed Gavin Patterson as boss of the UK telecom incumbent?
Why Ubiquitous Connectivity Matters
Column  | 
6/11/2018  |  Post a comment
Here's how CSPs can inject ubiquitous connectivity to achieve growth in the enterprise space.
Will Trump Make a Deal With Huawei?
Jonestown  | 
6/11/2018  |  2 comments
After ZTE, could the Trump admin cut a similar deal with the larger Chinese vendor, Huawei?
WiCipedia: Babies at Work, Raising Good Men & Kimmy Schmidt
WiCipedia  | 
6/8/2018  |  Post a comment
This week in our WiC roundup: How to raise good boys in the #MeToo era; Netflix lays on the startup jokes; babies on the Senate floor; and more.
BT Waves Goodbye to Gorgeous Gavin
Morris Lore  | 
6/8/2018  |  3 comments
The UK's biggest operator realizes its CEO is not the right man for the job days after it was revealed it have given him a £1.3 billion bonus last year.
Google's Investment in India's Public WiFi Infrastructure: A Waste of Time & Money?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
6/8/2018  |  1 comment
Just like 3G, 4G and Long Term Evolution (LTE), 5G isn't kicking WiFi to the curb. Mixing WiFi with LTE and 5G networks offers mobile operators numerous market opportunities.
Vodafone Spain Achieves Largest DOCSIS 3.1 Network Transformation in Europe
Partner Perspectives  | 
6/6/2018  |  Post a comment
How Vodafone Spain transformed its ultra-broadband access network – and why.
AT&T & Aira Tackle the 'Time Tax' With Assistive Glasses
Kelsey's Grammar  | 
6/6/2018  |  Post a comment
In collaboration with AT&T, startup Aira is deploying its assistive glasses globally to the UK, Canada and Australia.
CSP Optimism Doesn't Mean There Isn't Work Ahead for B/OSS Automation
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
6/5/2018  |  Post a comment
Service providers surveyed for this report are cautiously optimistic about automating business/operations support system (B/OSS) – more than half are already taking steps to automate B/OSS, and even more plan to do so within the next two years.
Automate & Reinvent
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
6/4/2018  |  Post a comment
Automation was one of the key themes discussed at the recent Big Communications Event (BCE), including how artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, intent-based networking and open source solutions are all helping CSPs on their journey to zero-touch automation.
WiCipedia: Ms. Geek, Pink-Haired CEOs & Laila Ali Takes Silicon Valley
WiCipedia  | 
6/1/2018  |  Post a comment
This week in our WiC roundup: Ms. Geek Rwanda changes the game; automation will steal women's jobs first; our new CEO idol; and more.
5G Will Change How Your Smartphone Is Designed
Jonestown  | 
5/31/2018  |  6 comments
5G smartphones using millimeter wave antennna arrays will be susceptible to so-called human blockage. Stupid humans!
Guavus CEO Faizel Lakhani: AI & Going Beyond the Pipe
CxO Spotlight  | 
5/31/2018  |  Post a comment
Faizel Lakhani has always said selling pipes is not the end game for service providers. With Guavus' AI technology and real-time analytics, he hopes to be the first to tell them what's next.
BT's Patterson Gets Tasty CEO Bonus as Troops Suffer
Morris Lore  | 
5/25/2018  |  5 comments
BT's CEO gets a $1.7 million bonus after lurching from one cock-up to another in the recent fiscal year.
WiCipedia: Pink Tax & Zuckerberg's Power of Three Rule
WiCipedia  | 
5/25/2018  |  Post a comment
This week in our WiC roundup: VMware and Stanford collab; just hire more women already; Randi Zuckerberg's new book; and more.
Time for an Edge Computing Reckoning
MariNation  | 
5/23/2018  |  Post a comment
There's still a lot of ambivalence from operators around edge computing, and the killer app for many of them is anything that helps deliver more bits for less money.
How Will 5G Unlock the Potential of Autonomous Driving?
Column  | 
5/23/2018  |  Post a comment
How Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) technology will help 5G drive connected cars.
Tackling Transition: Q&A With John Chambers
From the Founder  | 
5/22/2018  |  6 comments
John Chambers is still as passionate about business and innovation as he ever was at Cisco, finds Steve Saunders.
What VeloCloud Cost VMware
The Philter  | 
5/21/2018  |  6 comments
A dive into some SEC filings shows that the SD-WAN startup VeloCloud wasn't really a unicorn. It's still a lovely show pony, though. Giddy up!
Embracing the Intelligent Era With the Intent-Driven Network
Partner Perspectives  | 
5/21/2018  |  Post a comment
There is still a huge gap between SDN and autonomous networks, so Huawei introduced the 'intelligent network' concept.
How Colt Built Its On Demand Platform
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
5/21/2018  |  Post a comment
Three strategic initiatives &ndash Novitas, Stratus and Sentio &ndash have powered Colt's move into on-demand services.
Has AT&T Inked a Deal With Google for TV?
MariNation  | 
5/18/2018  |  2 comments
And if so, what does a devil's bargain with Android TV mean?
WiCipedia: Moms at Work, Ageism in Tech & Girls in Boys' Clubs
WiCipedia  | 
5/18/2018  |  Post a comment
This week in our WiC roundup: Announcing our three Leading Lights Awards winners; celebrating moms at work; men-only clubs think again; and more.
From LTE-U/LAA to 5G Spectrum Sharing
Column  | 
5/17/2018  |  1 comment
The evolution of spectrum sharing into the 5G era.
Four Cloud Skills Every Network Admin Needs
Column  | 
5/15/2018  |  Post a comment
For network admins used to wrangling on-premises networks, cloud networks are different animals to tame.
Rotterdam Sets Sail Toward Self-Driving Ships
Wagner’s Ring  | 
5/15/2018  |  3 comments
IBM and Cisco are working with Europe's largest port to reduce fuel consumption and other costs and improve safety.
Announcing...WiC's 2018 Leading Lights Winners
Que Sera Sarah  | 
5/15/2018  |  Post a comment
Congratulations to AT&T's Anne Chow, CableLab's Dr. Jennifer Andreoli-Fang and Movandi's Maryam Rofougaran, our 2018 WiC Leading Lights winners.
China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of IoE
Partner Perspectives  | 
5/14/2018  |  Post a comment
China Mobile aims to create an Internet of Everything (IoE), in which thousands of businesses are empowered to create billions of connected devices.
Making Sense of Content Overload
Column  | 
5/14/2018  |  Post a comment
The time is ripe for communications and media providers to use their scale and customer data to deliver a truly personalized experience to viewers.
Machine Learning & AI Take Aim at Network Complexity, Customer Experience
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
5/11/2018  |  1 comment
Next week at BCE, we'll look at some of the ways machine learning and AI will help operators make the customer experience better, without driving up the cost of network operations.
WiCipedia: Beyond Brotopia, Huggle's All-Female Team & Diversity Ratings
WiCipedia  | 
5/11/2018  |  Post a comment
This week in our WiC roundup: What's beyond Brotopia?; blockchain diversity is a priority; all-female teams; and more.
Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Company of the Year (Public)
Shades of Ray  | 
5/10/2018  |  Post a comment
The shortlist for the Company of the Year (Public) category features eight impressive contenders.
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John Chambers is still as passionate about business and innovation as he ever was at Cisco, finds Steve Saunders.
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